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Old 170 Franklin Skidder

I hauled these guys a load of small riprap to try and fill in a swampy hole in the skid road


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Abandoned 550 Timberjack Log Skidder
This machine was so bushed in, that we had never been close to it before. This time we came with a Stihl chainsaw and other tools of destruction to clear away the decades of growth. Our guess is that it's been parked in the forest for 20 to 30 years. It looks to be in great shape....there may have been some transmission issues judging by the add-on trans pressure gauge...but other than the corrosion from a leaky battery box...it looks like a runner.

Restoring my 201 timberjack skidder
this is my 201 timberjack that i restored ford 4 cyd industral rebult. got to get a crome stack for her. there are a few more finshing tuchs and then off to find something to pull.

Old Log Skidders
Ritchie Brothers flyer photos from the 70's and 80's

535B Caterpillar Skidder
I haven't worked around many cat skidders, this one seems alright, but the guys say a John Deere is better. The deck sites are not always the best but we do the best we can, I need lots of room to set the drilling rig

Tree Farmer C8 Log Skidder
1995-Fraser Canyon,B.C.Timber Sale

Swinging boom Grapple Skidder from JONYANG - Decking.
Skidder forestal remolcador de troncos JONYANG. Swinging boom Grapple Skidder. Motor Cummins. Reyma Argentina S.A. representante exclusivo Jonyang. HTTP://WWW.REYMASA.COM.AR

1965 Garrett Tree Farmer C4 Log Skidder
1965 gear jammer log skidder

BIG skidder TIGERCAT 630C .AMERICAIN DREAM MACHINES . Métier de l'extrême
BIG skidder TIGERCAT 630C .AMERICAIN DREAM MACHINES . Métier de l'extrême Merci a Northern Maine Logger's pour les images Vidéo publié avec autorisation écrite de l'auteur Northern Maine Logger's https://www.facebook.com/pages/Northern-Maine-Loggers/334835938691 Métier de l'extrême . Mettre la vidéo en HD Merci a Lajoie Dominic pour les images Vidéo publié avec autorisation écrite de l'auteur LD http://www.youtube.com/user/ineamm?sub_confirmation=1 Reproduction ou utilisation interdite même partielle , COPYRIGHT © INEAMM Reproduction or unauthorized use, COPYRIGHT © INEAMM

Skidder Tigercat 635D Steep Slope Operation
Skidder Tigercat 635D Steep Slope Operation Source: Tigercat Website: http://www.tigercat.com

Homemade Log Skidder in action
I built a small log skidder that would easily maneuver through the trees and would not need large trails cut through the forest. A 15 HP gas engine powers a hydraulic motor that drives both rear wheel

Cat 517 Tracked Skidder & Cat 525C Skidder
A Caterpillar 517 tracked skidder and a 525C skidder pulling trees in the woods of Maine

Dino- Skidder
B.C.Forest Museum

Cutting Down a Huge Fir Tree
Saw is a Stihl MS880. This tree is 22 feet 8 inches around at chest height

Clark-Michigan 475B Digging Overburden
The truck drivers view of a 1978 Clark/Michigan 475B digging and loading overdurden. Follow PAmining on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PAmining/164948266897468

skidder pulling cutter out part 2
the logger gets his cutter out of the bog

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