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Old 170 Franklin Skidder

I hauled these guys a load of small riprap to try and fill in a swampy hole in the skid road


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Abandoned 550 Timberjack Log Skidder
This machine was so bushed in, that we had never been close to it before. This time we came with a Stihl chainsaw and other tools of destruction to clear away the decades of growth. Our guess is that it's been parked in the forest for 20 to 30 years. It looks to be in great shape....there may have been some transmission issues judging by the add-on trans pressure gauge...but other than the corrosion from a leaky battery box...it looks like a runner.

Old Log Skidders
Ritchie Brothers flyer photos from the 70's and 80's

skidder off to work in my 201 timberjack
Heading out to find some fire wood for a little fun on a nice sunny day. Finally get to play with my toy after about 6 month's of sitting in the shed.

Tigercat six-wheel skidders
Tigercat six-wheel skidders in wet terrain

John Deere 440 Skidder
log skidder

Small tractor log skidder.mpg
Cat 1, small tractor log skidding implement

848H Skidder from John Deere Forestry
With industry-leading axles, super sturdy frames, and innovative options like dual-mode steering, the H-Series skidders continue John Deeres unwavering dedication to being the leader in the woods.

Detroit 3-53 IH log Skidder unearthing cast iron pulley
My friends detroit powered log skidder dragging out a 9 foot tall cast iron coal car pulley from when the mines were in the area. The last few seconds the pulley catches a tree and breaks a 3/8" chain! haha

Skidder HSM 805 S hydrostatique débardage
Skidder à câble HSM 805 S à transmission hydrostatique - treuil hydrostatique - oscillation centrale (pas de balancier avant) - double treuil 2 x 16 tonnes - commande radio intégrale - pinces sur la lame. Une souplesse sans égal en forte pente!

Old John Deere skidder still running
The old "D" ive put alot of hours on this machine and it works preaty damn good for how old it is

Skidding Logs with a John Deer
Skidding log with a new 2011 John Deer skidder in Western Pennsylvania. This skidder is definitely a work horse. If you live in western PA and looking for a logging Service, please check us out at www.smithtimbering.com

Débardage peupliers avec 2 Timberjack Skidder 225D et 225E dans un marais
Débardage peupliers avec 2 Timberjack Skidder 225D et 225E dans un marais

Tree Farmer Skidder
In BC, and what do I see? A classic old tree farmer.

Cat D8H hulk & Monashee Log Skidder left overs
Monashee was the pre-corsor to the Timber Toter skidder

Débardage, câblage.
Abbatage d'un fayard avec un franklin 170 à la combe.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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