nissan 300zx twin turbo T Top Shades for Sale

Price: $21

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nissan 300zx twin turbo T Top Shades. Condition is Used.

Please take note that I also advertised locally; if it sells through those ads, then I will end this listing on .

Hello fellow er! Thank you for taking a moment to view this item. It is my goal to move many items I have somehow managed to acquire over the past 50 years.

Pictures are part of description, contact me if you would like additional pictures

YES! I combine shipping !

Paypal Is the preferred method of payment

I am NOT a professional er. My goal is to make a little back of what I have spent over the years while also getting you a fair-to-great deal.

That being said, shipping and fees AND FEES ON SHIPPING 😮 are expensive as we all know! So I’ll make a deal with you and here it is: please do not offer on my items if there is a chance u may ship them back. While I am extremely honest about the quality of the item I am wishing to move along, I DO NOT WANT IT BACK.

In the past I have gotten burned (and have blocked those people) by individuals who offer and win an item and then they must just change their mind. They then want to return the item at a cost to me because upon micro-inspection they have noticed a slight imperfection on an item I listed as “good” (not like new, not great, not excellent, not without flaw...u get the idea). Perhaps this experience is common to all of us, sadly, as it ruins what should be an awesome experience both ways.

I will not end a offer early for a buy it now offer.

Please ask any and all questions before offerding!

Again, thank you for your time and HAPPY ING!

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