Trailer Id Vin Label / Tire Pressure Decal for Sale

Price: $54.99

VIN Stickers, Replacement VIN Labels Labels are made of high quality pressure-sensitive, imprintable material, UL approved for outdoor use.
Label is tamperproof, self-destructing “VOID” patterned adhesive.
*DOT approved Label sizes: 1 - Federal certification: 5.25 x 1.751 -Tire placard: 4 x 1.883 - VIN derivatives: 1.75 x .3+ Bonus Includes clear overlays for added durability.
Please Provide Label Info:

  • Make/Manufactured By:
  • Vin Number #:
  • Year:
  • Model:
  • Dry Weight of Trailer:
  • GVWR(Gross Vehicle Weight Rating):
  • GAWR(Gross Axle Weight Rating):
  • Tire Size:
  • Rim Specs:
  • How many Axles Trailer Have 1,2 or 3:
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