Tesla Model 3 PREMIUM NO HOLE license plate hardware installation kit for Sale

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You are buying theoriginalPREMIUM license plate mounting hardware for a NO HOLE / NON STICK solution for the Tesla Model 3 using stainless hardware (no rust) and BLACK to match grill. This solution uses the existing plate holder provided to you with your car.
This kit preserves the factory condition of your car. NO HOLES or STICKY TAPE on your car so that it remains in factory new condition.
HAVE SOLD 1000s on but renewal of listing caused counter to reset to zero. My seller reviews andhappycustomers speak for themselves.What you get in thePremiumkit:
- PREMIUM black Stainless hardware to match the grill area (competing products are silver in color).- High quality painted surfaces to add DOUBLE protection against corrosion. - High quality Silicone sleeve to alleviate any potential damage to louvers.-SOFTrubber bumpers AND foam tape with cleaning pad to protect your car's paint from the license plate holder rubbing on your bumper.- High quality instructional video with hole templates.- Tension is spread across all the louvers thusNOcracking of louvers like other solutions. (Competing products spread tension unevenly across louvers which isPROVENto crack or warp your grill as reported in Tesla club forums on a Model S car)- EASY to install (5 minutes) and take off (1 minute) with no toolsand locking nuts 100% guaranteed not to loosen.- Great reviews of product on Tesla Motor Club forums! See review below
Ask other providerswhat they provide in their "non-premium kit" prior to purchasing the alternative! For $7.99+, you should get more thantwo bolts and toggles which will break loose with vibration.
VERY QUICK SHIPPING! Most of the time I will ship the same day if order received by 12pm EST.
I have 1000s of happy customers with great reviews!!
For those who don't like holes in your car or permanently mounted front license plates on your brand new Model 3, this solution is for you. It has been on my Model 3 for over a year without moving, loosening, making noise or falling off during car washes or RUSTING. Do not settle for a cheaper alternative. Lasts longer than the factory adhesive mount.
If you need an OEM front license plate holder to go with the hardware, please visit your service center or see other sales on . This hardware solution is ONLY FOR THE OEM Tesla Model 3 Front plate holder that comes with your car.
This mounting solution can be installed in as little as 5 minutes and uninstalled in 1 with a detailed install video provided with purchase.
Unlike other similar brackets sold on , if someone bumps into your license plate, your plastic grill should not crack since it will be mounted flush and not permanently attached to plastic grill.
*You may need a drill and 5/16" drill bit to complete the install process which is not included. The holes will be in your license plate holder NOT the car. If you don't have a drill, there is another more dangerous option to burn holes using a screw I can provide. Please ask for screw after purchase if you want to go that route. Once installed you will NOT need tools to take plate holder on and off.
++++++++++++ Review from one of the many satisfied customers +++++++++++++++++++
- Thanks for such a simple, elegant and cost effective solution. I go to car shows and like that I can take off/on the plate holder easily without tools. Stainless quality is a must - thanks for saving me a trip to the hardware store - Colleroo7910

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