SpoilerKing wing Fits: Audi A4 2017-on 4dr B9 rear trunk spoiler (284P) for Sale

Price: $104

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Our Spoilers are manufactured and shipped out of Brooklyn, NY.
When you buy from our store rest assure that you are buying an authentic SpoilerKing product. Our
products are NOT made in China or Taiwan. We take pride in the quality of our products so there will not be
any uneven cuts, gaps and angles. Just recently it has come to our attention that our competition started
calling their product similar names as our company name and paying more attention to details of their own
products. We've been perfecting and making sure you get the best quality product from the beginning.
Don't be fooled by imitators!Why does SpoilerKing spoilers come unpainted?
All of ours spoilers are shipped out straight without the curvature of the window. Once received it only
takes a little warming up under the sun to curve easily around the curvature of the window. Average
temperature is approx. 80 under sun. This will allow the spoiler to have a arch of 4" center to corner.
Now you're probably going to ask what all this has to do with PAINT? Well, it has a lot to do with paint.
You CAN NOT bend paint without getting ripples and waves. So if you receive a painted spoiler and
bend it to the curvature of the window it is 100% guaranteed that the paint is going have ripples
and waves. So that why we do not offer painted spoilers, but that doesn't mean you can not paint it.

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