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You are looking at the "Chip Flips" manifold adapters for when you decide to flip your E6 turbo manifold upside down to move turbo to forward location. Rangers can retain heater box and A/C because the turbo will be moved forward away from both. These adapters will allow Pinto, Ranger, Merkur, and SVO owners to flip the manifold allowing more room by firewall and turbo downpipe. Not only do these adapters allow you to flip manifold, but it moves manifold 3/4" away from head for plug wire ease of installation, and also moves manifold down for hood clearance. To clarify...if you were to just flip manifold over, the ports would not line up for smooth flow, plus turbo would be higher than valve cover making it impossible to close a stock hood. This kit will make that issue go away. Adapters have a smooth transition from both head to manifold ports, so that there is no reverberation for faster flow and quicker turbo spool. Chip Flips also lower manifold for better hood clearance. CHIP FLIPS CAN ALSO BE USED TO FLIP RACE OR HIGH PERFORMANCE 2.3 TURBO HEADERS. You will just need smaller manifold-to-adapter bolts depending on the thickness of your flange, with an easy to find thread pattern. These adapters are CNC machined and are precise and identical, unlike any of the hand blended units in the past. Smooth flow is always better flow. They are a improved design with smooth flowing ports, bolts that are easy to acquire, and do not back out as stated by the competitor. The previous units supplied by the competitor had a thread pattern that was unbeknownst to most, different than the users standard exhaust bolt pattern. This caused the user to strip the threads which wasn't noticed until buyers were left stranded. This is what may have caused that small company to discontinue making them. Again these adapters have a standard thread pattern the same as your stock exhaust manifold bolts. These adapters are being used by many top racers without issue. Get these adapters and make your next project simple and worry free. If you are looking for quality, reliability, quality service, and a company that carries mass quantities of all their parts, and at no time has stopped production, then we are the best option for you.*IMPROVED DESIGN*
THE SET YOU WILL BE RECEIVING WILL BE OUR NEW DESIGN IN MAIN PIC. ITS LIGHTER AND HAS EVEN LARGER OPENING FOR PLUG WIRES AND EASE OF PLUG INSTALL* I left old pics of the square style just so you can see the placement and how design was improved.There is a company selling something similar, but using stackable plates. As any turbo mechanic or engineer knows, the more plates and gaps between the hot turbo head and manifold, the more chance for failure. Failure such as exhaust leak causing boost issues, or if gone unnoticed long enough, this will cause burnt valves. Not just that, but buyer will have to blend the stacked plates. The competitors adapters also cause manifold to sit higher, making the turbo sit higher! In many cases making it hard if not impossible to close hood. Dont forget a cars stock hood slopes down in the front and a turbo that is sitting high will dent hood, make hood unable to close, or keep turbo close enough to burn paint. The competitors substandard stacked plates wont work on Merkur, SVO, or Pinto with stock hood! Please consider this when making your decision between our top quality product and the competition that didn't do their homework. FYI: These units are made in conjunction with a reputable company in the USA that is in several top auto publications. They wont produce a product unless it is top quality. There is no need for us to bad mouth another company to show that we have a superior product. We stand by our quality, customer service, competitive pricing, and have many on hand.
*4 adapters per set*The adapters also come with the flat head bolts that secure them to head. The threads on adapters for the manifold-to-adapter are the same thread pitch as stock head bolts, so if you are just flipping a stock cast iron manifold you can reuse your existing bolts or shorter bolts with the same thread pitch. LIKE I SAID....EASY :)MADE IN THE USAPLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK AT OUR SELLER RATING. SEE HOW HAPPY OUR CLIENTS ARE WITH OUR PRODUCTS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. SEE HOW RECENT OUR FEEDBACK IS, AND HOW LONG WE HAVE BEEN IN BUSINESS. IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF :)

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