RaceChip GTS App Tuning BMW 330d 184 HP/135 kW E46 1998-2005 for Sale

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RaceChip GTS App Tuning BMW 330d 184 HP/135 kW E46 1998-2005

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SKU: RP_13290
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): RP13290-520520


The new RaceChip GTS App for the BMW 330d 184 HP/135 kW E46 1998-2005 390NM is a premium chip with phenomenal performance and quality. State of the art industry-grade hardware and engine-specific mappings come together to bring you a driving experience you will love. The RaceChip GTS works perfectly with the engine in your car, we have developed fine tuning mappings, this mean that you can fine tune your RaceChip GTS to match your engine's performance and characteristics perfectly.This RaceChip GTS includes the App Control option! Use your smartphone to choose between 3 tuning modes from the RaceChip app, Efficiency for saving fuel in urban traffic, Sport for improved mid-range flexibility on open roads, Race for maximum performance. The RaceChip GTS can also be deactivated via the app, returning the car to stock tune.Car manufacturers build just a few base engines and differentiate the power output via the electronic control unit: the same hardware, but with different software. We at RaceChip are absolute experts in car tuning software. The data from the ECU is read by our tuning software and individually optimized. We use only the available power reserves and stay within vehicle specific tolerances, which are important to maintain your engine's long-term endurance. Existing engine protection systems remain fully intact. The RaceChip Plug & Drive system allows you to install our modules easily and without special knowledge or tools. You'll receive car model-specific installation instructions with each RaceChip, and there are installation videos for many car models in our database, installation only takes 10-15 minutes. Our customers are often amazed by how user-friendly our high-tech products are. The technology is sophisticated but the installation is quick and easy. The driving experience is fantastic!


Fitment & Stock Performance: BMW 330d 184 HP/135 kW E46 1998-2005 390NM
RaceChip GTS App Optimized Performance: + 52 HP / + 103 Nm
The figures quoted showing power and torque increases are estimates, i.e. the real figures may be higher or software: v2.0_GTS
7 fine tuning mappings
Engine Protect System +App Features:
3 different performance modes
Adjustable warm-up timer
Individual fine tuning mappings
Automatic updates
Advanced service features
Integration with RaceChip XLR (XLR not included)Hardware:
ARM Cortex-M3 processor
Up to 7 analogue and digital channels
Chip electronics with Nano-Protect
Pro-grade connector (FCI)
Ultra-resistant composite housing
Pro fixing system
Dimensions (mm): L 112 x W 111 x H 36

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