Porsche 944 turbo 304SS 4 into 1 header for Sale

Price: $1,850

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Introducing the SFR 4 into 1 header for the 944 turbo. This masterpiece utilizes equal length runners and a 4 into 1 slip-fit, merge collector for making serious top-end power. It also includes a two piece v-banded crossover pipe.

The tri-Y headers that come standard on the 944 series cars are designed for one thing and one thing only, torque. However, most 951’s make tremendous amounts of tire smoking torque but lack the top-end power that is so vital on the track. This is not a problem anymore. Each of these headers is hand built on specially designed jigs to ensure proper fitment.The headers include a brushed finish,are TIG welded and back purge. The final step is hand finishing on the inside.

Companies like Ekanoo Racing use our products on their 951 builds so shouldn't you?

All of our headers are built to order so please allow 3-4 weeks before they ship!

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