Phantom Grip Limited Slip LSD Kit fits diffs from Toyota Aurion TRD XV40 (U660E) for Sale

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Fits open diffs from2006-2011 Toyota Aurion, TRD Aurion (XV40) V6 6 spd. Automatic (U660E) Phantom Grip LSD/Limited Slip Conversion Kits This is not a complete differential. Phantom Grip’s original and unique design, installs into the center of your open diff, and converts into a competitive, cutting edge limited slip lsd & locker. Yes, that’s two great features in one simple device. Noise free, this hp/torque engaging lsd option has proven its performance results for 20 years in the motorsports aftermarket industry. Phantom Grip’s 2-way LSD will considerably improve handling in daily driven, street/strip warrior, and even your full race spec vehicle; though it doesn’t stop there. Your daily driving, grocery getting, land vehicle needs to be in control also. Rain, sleet, snow and even dodging deer, with a Phantom Grip installed in your manual or automatic land vehicle, will be in better, safer, control and improve handling. Every Phantom Grip is constructed of only the highest-quality hand selected materials. With over 500,000 miles of vigorous professional performance testing (SCCA, drag, rally, hill climb, ice, rain, etc.), we have been able to fine tune each application through specific heat treating and Rockwell testing to achieve maximum performance and reliability. Each Phantom Grip unit is assembled with pressure tested matched sets of progressive-rate springs to achieve equal load distribution to the disc plates, which dramatically enhances reliability and performance. With such a passion for perfection, our Phantom Grip team is confident that when you choose a Phantom Grip LSD, you are choosing, by far, the best limited slip conversion kit on the market. GET A GRIP!--- Phantom Grip Limited Slip Conversion Kit. Buyer beware of copy cat units. Only buy from, "Official, Authorized Dealers". There are many scams out there. We are the official manufacturer for over 20 years. Made in the U.S.A. always. Product Warranty

Disclaimer of Product Warranty---WARNING: Installation of any Phantom Grip component or kit should be performed only by persons experienced in the installation and proper operation of transmission and drivetrain products. Purchasers expressly affirm they are relying upon their own skill or judgment to select and purchase Phantom Grip limited Slip conversion kits. Warranties are void against incorrect installation, or modifications done to Phantom Grip parts.

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