Perfect Factory Ford F-150 Wheel Lightning 18 OEM F150 2003 2004 3L3Z1007AA 3489 for Sale

Price: $599.00

Factory Ford F150 LIGHTNING 18"Wheel

This listing is for one (1) OEM/factory Ford F150 LIGHTNINGwheel.

DESCRIPTION: Factory wheel from Ford for F150. Utilized in 2003 and 2004 on the LIGHTNING.

CONDITION: Guaranteed to be round, true and free of leaks, this rim had a few marks associated with normal use. So we carefully re-powdercoated it just like Ford did in the correct original finish and now this wheel is perfect and as-new. Not all who perform this process do-so to the same caliber as it is part science but also an art, and our reputation speaks for itself.

CENTER CAP: Not included.

TIRE SENSOR: Not included.

FITMENTS: Ford F150 and Expedition from 1999 through 2004.

VALUE: Priceless. Hasn't been made in years. Very difficult to find.

Check through our feedback - we sell a lotof factory wheels for a reason.

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