P245/65R17 Goodyear Fortera HL Used 245 65 17 105 S 7/32nds for Sale

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Description P245/65R17 Goodyear Fortera HL Used 245 65 17 105 S 7/32nds Champtires specializes in Premium used tires. All tires are inspected visually, and also with air testing equipment. Tire tread depths are accurately measured. We guarantee no sidewall repairs. All tires may have been repaired in the tread area once by the industry approved method. Please contact us before purchasing if you would like to know if a specific tire has been repaired. We can also provide accurate DOT if you contact us before purchasing. Our hours of operation are M-F 9am-6pm EST or Sat 9am-5pm EST. Champtires. 1130 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin PA 15122. All messages through will be responded to within 24 hours. Shipping Details There are no additional charges for shipping! What you see is what you pay, as all prices already include shipping and handling. All tires are shipped via FedEx Ground Home Delivery to any of the 48 continental United States within 1 business day of order.
Payment Policy We accept payment via Paypal.
Return Policy Champtires offers a generous 30 day return policy on any tires misrepresented, damaged, unusable, or otherwise described incorrectly in this listed sale.
Price Match Guarantee Please contact us if you find a better price for the same condition tire elsewhere on . Send us an active Item # from a top seller and we'll match their price. Disclaimer Please exercise our generous 14-day guarantee on any used tire you have purchased and installed at Champtires.com if you have any issues. Disclaimer of Warranties: The product(s) purchased from Champtires are provided 'as is', with all faults, and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. Pure Pass Through: Champtires is a pure pass through retailer of products. Champtires had not undertaken any independent action with respect to the products it provides, and such products are provided 'as is', with all faults. Assumption of Risk: The product(s) purchased from Champtires are provided 'as is', with all faults. Purchaser acknowledges the risks associated with purchasing a product 'as is' and assumes any and all such risks. Limitation of Damages: Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall Champtires be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages that may result from the use or inability to use any product(s) purchased from Champtires, including but not limited to flaws/defects, or any other failure or inadequacy related to the product(s). Disclaimer of Endorsement: Reference herein to any trademark, proprietary product, or company name is intended for explicit description only and does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation by Champtires. I have read and agree to all terms of the Champtires.com Disclaimer.
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