One 1977 1978 1979 Chevrolet Caprice full wheel cover hubcap 15” for Sale

Price: $57.95

One 1977-1979 Chevrolet full wheel cover hubcap 15”

Very presentable. Used condition. See all photos.

Offered as shown. Sold as is.

A worthy replacement to one lost or damaged.

$9.55 shipping within the lower 48 states

Or come pick it up here in central CT. That’s free.

Items may ship the same day, Seller reserves a full 14 days to have it off based on frequent travel for work. Know that I will do my level best to have it off to you pronto, but my hubcap shack is closer to Petticoat Junction than it is to Amazon Prime.

Thanks for considering this purchase. Each sale helps me to get along, and for that I am grateful. 🙏

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