New 2004-08 Chrysler Crossfire Ignition Lock Cylinder Complete Replacement Kit for Sale

Price: $445

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New! 2004-2008 CHRYSLER CROSSFIRE - COMPLETE IGNITION LOCK KIT(No Chips or Circuit Board)Everything is already assembled for you & Ready to be installed.
"Great Deal! - Read detailsbelow" - For USA Models
Please Note: It's always a good idea to remove your ignition lock first so you can compare the picturesto yours prior to purchasing. This guaranteesyou are getting what you need.
Parts you need to reuse orattach:Gear shift cable(Round cable Flexible), Key buzzer switch(Black Rectangle switch w/2 wires) & Electrical switch connector(Plug-into switch on lock). Also, put the immobilizer ring back around cylinder collar or car will not start and you transfer your chip to new key shell or remote key case.
Perfect item for:Repair shops, Mechanics, Locksmiths & People who know how to repair theirown vehicle.
What makes this Item special:No programming needed. So you will not need to pay to have a new key programmed and save money. This is what you need to do after you install the complete ignition lock just re-use your chip or circuit board from existing key and transfer it to the new key shell or Flip Remote case. Then you will be back up and running.
Important! If you buy used parts that was never rebuilt or repaired. You always run the risk that the parts might fail again because of wear and tear.It's always better to buy new parts.
Item Description:

  • Complete Ignition Lock - Already assembled for you:1-Lock Housing(Steering Lock), 1-Ignition Lock Cylinder(Tumbler), 1-Lock Cover, 1-Switch.
  • New Original Parts - see pictures to make sure this item looks like yours prior to ordering.
  • What we added - 1-Regular cut Key Shell, 1-Flip Remote Case w/cut blade (This 4 button case will still work). We may have also noticed we have added extra lube to increase the lifetime of this item. Sometimes the factory don't add enough to it.
  • What Keys are worth: If you was to have someone cut these keys it would cost $130-160 depending on where you live.
  • Free Shipping - Only within the United States.
  • 90 day warranty - All items are fully tested.
Note: If you want to know if you are getting a good deal. Just price the parts out individually and programming.
Why would you need this Item:This is needed when you are having problems with your key not turning in the Ignition lock. Usually caused by excessive wear and tear over the years. We have been repairing vehicles with this problem for years.
Why we added 2 types of keys:Usually after people install the new parts they realize that the car won't start. That's because you are using a key that is not programmed to your car. In most cases you have to go back to dealer to have a key cut and programmed which can take a week because they have to order the key. What we did for you iseliminatethat time waiting for the keys to come in.
Now let me explain how:(Depending on what key you have)If you have a Regular Key Shell (Non-Remote)- Just remove chip from your old key and put it in this key and your vehicle will start right up providing you did not damage your chip while removing it. So be careful.If you have a Flip Remote Key Case - Just carefullyremove your chip, circuit board from old key and put them into Flip Remote Case that is included with this item. Then you will be back up and running.
Any questions about this item just send us a message.Please note: We can't give you any tech support or tell you how to remove your old parts. So if you are not comfortabledoing it may we suggest getting a professional to help you out.
Thank you for visiting our listing and enjoy!

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