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WE ARE HAVING A SUPER SALE ON ALL NITROUS OXIDE WET KITS FOR ALL IMPORTS AND DOMESTIC VEHICLES. You are looking at a NEW Cold Fusion Nitrous Systems wet nitrous oxide injection kit FOR A LS1/LT1 with Free ONLINE instructional step by step video with kit, which has been featured in the Fastest Street Car mag and Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords and we are proud to say they’re is not a higher quality kit available. We are now leading the way with the highest quality and best value in the nitrous industry. This kit contains jetting for 100, 125, 150 & 200 hp. Extra settings are available for any multi-point EFI OR FUEL INJECTED 8 cylinder out there. The kit is designed for THE LS1/LT1. NO BOTTLE, NO BRACKETS, NO GAUGE, NO NUT INCLUDED 1 x Nitrous Oxide Solenoid capable of 200hp gains 1 x Fuel Solenoid capable of 200hp gains 8 x jets for a wide range of HP settings 1 x 12 inch Blue stainless steel braided hose 1 x 12inch Red stainless steel braided hose 1 x 15 foot stainless steel braided hose (for bottle to solenoid) 1 x Pro Fogger Nozzle 1 x wide open throttle switch (used to activate the system when at full acceleration) 1 x Braided fuel line to attach to the fuel rail using the adapter fitting that is included. 1 x fuel rail adapter - if needed depending on make and model 1 x dual solenoid mounting bracket 1 x pack of screws for mounting 1 x solenoid fitting to attach your fogger 2 x blue solenoid fittings to attach your bottle to solenoid and your solenoid to fogger 1 x wire for wiring kit 1 x 12 volt 40 amp relay with plug in harness 1 x toggle switch You will also receive complete installation instructions via web site Now the only additional items you will need once you receive your kit is: YOUR CAR AND TOOLS. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask and if you need anything not listed please let me know as we stock a complete line of nitrous parts and kits. We are currently looking for reputable dealers / outlets to supply and install our products, along with refilling the bottles. So, enquire about dealer pricing. CALL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS: 281-304-1515.. WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. ALL OF THE COMPONENTS ARE BRAND NEW AND HAVE NEVER BEEN USED. I HAVE SOLD THOUSANDS OF THESE KITS AND EVERYONE IS ALWAYS VERY HAPPY. CHECK OUT MY FEEDBACK.

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