Mopar B E Body Lower Ball Joint 1.5” Drop Brackets for Sale

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Price: $325.00

If you haven’t please go to “Junkerup” on YouTube for a full video description of this brackets performance gains in detail. Here is a link This bracket is designed to correct the Mopar’s poor roll center and camber gain issues. Stock lower ball joint placement on lowered cars exaggerates body roll where a larger sway bar is needed to overcome it which binds suspension and creates understeer. Another negative result with stock suspension geometry is in lateral side load cornering the tire actually cambers out positive leaving a poor tire patch on outside turning tire. Also on a lowered car the control arm is riding on the bump stop binding suspension for poor handling and bumpy ride. By bolting on this all joint drop bracket it gives more suspension travel by lowering control arm away from bump stop, gives negative camber gain inward with improved control arm angles and raises roll center for a shorter “roll couple” in relation to center of gravity and roll center helping reduce body roll so a softer swaybar can be used to help mid corner speed. Another side benefit is I offset bolt holes to drop steering arm 3/8” for reduced bumpsteer which with keep toe more accurate during its suspension travel. It’s made of 3/8” thick steel with 1/4” thick side gussets for additional strength. The factory suspension or frame rails will give out before this will. All needed hardware is included with kit

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