1989-2005 Mazda Miata Camshaft Locking Tool / Cam Gear Tool MX-5 for Sale

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Mazda MX-5 Cam Lock Tool

Removes the guess work on a timing belt replacement!
How it works
I did my timing belt this past winter for my NA Mazda MX-5, I had the cams held by wrenches and a vice grip. However, when I took the belt off, the camshafts still shifted a little bit. After fiddling for a bit, I came up with this device. No more counting teeth, and no more guess work.
This lock tool will hold the camshafts snugly in place. Simply slide this in between the intake and exhaust cam gears, take the old timing belt off, and slide the new one on.
If needed, zip tie through the openings for an even more solid grip. This also hold them in place in case you need to take off the cam gears.
These are print these with left over material so you may get colors other than black and red.
What it works on

Mazda MX-51989 - 2005

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