MAXGEAR 77-0063 Expansion Tank, coolant for BMW for Sale

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Price: $75.95

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Technical Data

Manufacturer MAXGEAR Manufacturer Part Number 77-0063 Weight [kg]1,05MaterialPA (polyamide)Number of connectors2Supplementary Article/Info 2with sensor

Reference Numbers

4U Autoparts12741BWAftermarketABAKUS004-026-017AftermarketAIC56627AftermarketAKRON-MALÒ117037AftermarketAKS DASIS053017NAftermarketAUTOMEGA210205610AftermarketBBR Automotive001-10-16913AftermarketBEHR HELLA SERVICE8MA 376 789-751AftermarketBIRTH8883AftermarketBMW17 13 7 519 368Original Reference OEBMW17 13 7 543 026Original Reference OEBMW17 13 7 567 462Original Reference OEBMW17 13 7 607 482Original Reference OEBMW17 13 7 640 514Original Reference OEBUGIADBMC19004AftermarketCALORSTAT by VernetET0138C1AftermarketCAUTEX750393AftermarketFARE SA14279AftermarketHamburg Tech3250-03728AftermarketHELLA8MA 376 789-751AftermarketJP GROUP1414701000AftermarketKLOKKERHOLM00853001AftermarketMAGNETI MARELLI359001600840AftermarketMAHLECRT 207 000SAftermarketMAXGEAR77-0063AftermarketMetalcaucho03986AftermarketMETZGER2140082AftermarketMEYLE314 223 0004AftermarketNRF454028AftermarketNTYCZW-BM-004AftermarketORIGINAL IMPERIUM44137/IAftermarketORIGINAL IMPERIUM44137AftermarketOSSCA12279AftermarketPREXApartsP227001AftermarketRIDEX397E0112AftermarketStarkSKET-0960173AftermarketSTCT403986AftermarketSTELLOX75-51225-SXAftermarketSWAG20 93 9340AftermarketTHERMOTECDBB008TTAftermarketTOPRAN501 882AftermarketTRICLO483170AftermarketTRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVE08.40.071AftermarketÜRO Parts17137640514AftermarketVAICOV20-0057AftermarketVAN HECK1321140AftermarketVEMA163081AftermarketWILMINK GROUPWG1795011AftermarketWXQP220333Aftermarket

Vehicle List

Make Model Engine Years Kw HP ccm Note BMW1 (E81)116 i[200703-201112]90Kw122PS1599ccmBMW1 (E81)116 i[200709-201112]85Kw115PS1596ccmBMW1 (E81)116 i[200811-201112]90Kw122PS1995ccmBMW1 (E81)118 i[200609-200802]95Kw129PS1995ccmBMW1 (E81)118 i[200609-201112]100Kw136PS1995ccmBMW1 (E81)118 i[200609-201112]105Kw143PS1995ccmBMW1 (E81)120 i[200703-201112]115Kw156PS1995ccmBMW1 (E81)120 i[200703-201112]120Kw163PS1995ccmBMW1 (E81)120 i[200703-201209]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW1 (E81)130 i[200609-201112]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW1 (E81)130 i[200609-201112]195Kw265PS2996ccmBMW1 (E87)116 i[200406-201106]85Kw115PS1596ccmBMW1 (E87)116 i[200709-201106]90Kw122PS1599ccmBMW1 (E87)116 i[200901-201106]90Kw122PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)118 i[200407-200702]95Kw129PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)118 i[200609-201106]105Kw143PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)118 i[200610-201106]100Kw136PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)118 i[200703-200712]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)120 i[200406-200702]110Kw150PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)120 i[200703-201106]115Kw156PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)120 i[200703-201106]120Kw163PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)120 i[200703-201106]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW1 (E87)130 i[200509-200702]195Kw265PS2996ccmBMW1 (E87)130 i[200703-201106]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW1 Convertible (E88)118 i[200803-201312]105Kw143PS1995ccmBMW1 Convertible (E88)118 i[200809-201312]100Kw136PS1995ccmBMW1 Convertible (E88)120 i[200712-201310]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW1 Convertible (E88)120 i[200803-201312]115Kw156PS1995ccmBMW1 Convertible (E88)120 i[200803-201312]120Kw163PS1995ccmBMW1 Convertible (E88)125 i[200712-201310]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW1 Convertible (E88)135 i[200803-201310]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW1 Convertible (E88)135 i[200803-201312]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW1 Coupe (E82)120 i[200710-201310]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW1 Coupe (E82)120 i[200909-201310]115Kw156PS1995ccmBMW1 Coupe (E82)125 i[200803-201310]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW1 Coupe (E82)135 i[200710-201310]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW1 Coupe (E82)135 i[200710-201310]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW1 Coupe (E82)M[201103-201206]250Kw340PS2979ccmBMW3 (E90)316 i[200509-201110]85Kw115PS1596ccmBMW3 (E90)316 i[200709-201110]90Kw122PS1599ccmBMW3 (E90)318 i[200509-200708]95Kw129PS1995ccmBMW3 (E90)318 i[200709-201110]100Kw136PS1995ccmBMW3 (E90)318 i[200709-201110]105Kw143PS1995ccmBMW3 (E90)320 i[200412-200708]110Kw150PS1995ccmBMW3 (E90)320 i[200702-201112]115Kw156PS1995ccmBMW3 (E90)320 i[200703-201112]120Kw163PS1995ccmBMW3 (E90)320 i[200709-201110]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW3 (E90)320 si[200509-200608]127Kw173PS1997ccmBMW3 (E90)323 i[200509-200702]130Kw177PS2497ccmBMW3 (E90)323 i[200703-201112]140Kw190PS2497ccmBMW3 (E90)325 i xDrive[200809-201110]155Kw211PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)325 i xDrive[200809-201110]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)325 i[200412-201112]160Kw218PS2497ccmBMW3 (E90)325 i[200601-201112]155Kw211PS2497ccmBMW3 (E90)325 i[200703-201112]155Kw211PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)325 i[200703-201112]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)325 xi[200509-200608]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)325 xi[200509-200808]160Kw218PS2497ccmBMW3 (E90)325 xi[200709-200808]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)328 i[200609-201112]172Kw234PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)330 i xDrive[200809-201110]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)330 i[200412-201110]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)330 i[200703-201112]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)330 i[200709-201110]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)330 xi[200509-200708]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)330 xi[200709-200808]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 (E90)335 i xDrive[200805-201110]224Kw305PS2979ccmBMW3 (E90)335 i xDrive[200805-201110]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW3 (E90)335 i xDrive[200809-201110]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 (E90)335 i[200603-201112]220Kw299PS2979ccmTecDoc Engine Number : 20342BMW3 (E90)335 i[200603-201112]224Kw305PS2979ccmBMW3 (E90)335 i[200603-201112]240Kw326PS2979ccmTecDoc Engine Number : 20342BMW3 (E90)335 i[200609-201112]225Kw306PS2979ccmTecDoc Engine Number : 20342BMW3 (E90)335 xi[200609-200806]224Kw305PS2979ccmBMW3 (E90)335 xi[200703-200808]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)318 i[201003-201312]105Kw143PS1995ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)320 i[200609-201310]120Kw163PS1995ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)320 i[200701-201308]115Kw156PS1995ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)320 i[200703-201310]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)323 i[200703-201109]140Kw190PS2497ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)325 i[200610-201312]155Kw211PS2996ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)325 i[200612-201002]160Kw218PS2497ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)325 i[200703-201312]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)330 i[200703-201002]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)330 i[200703-201310]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)330 i[201003-201310]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)335 i[200605-201310]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW3 Convertible (E93)335 i[200612-201310]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)316 i[200709-201306]90Kw122PS1599ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)318 i[201003-201312]105Kw143PS1995ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)320 i[200701-201312]120Kw163PS1995ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)320 i[200703-201312]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)320 i[200706-201312]115Kw156PS1995ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)323 i[200604-201202]140Kw190PS2497ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i xDrive[200809-201306]155Kw211PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i xDrive[200809-201312]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i xDrive[201003-201304]150Kw204PS2497ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i xDrive[201003-201304]155Kw211PS2497ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i[200606-201002]160Kw218PS2497ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i[200709-201306]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i[201003-201306]155Kw211PS2497ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i[201003-201306]155Kw211PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 i[201003-201310]150Kw204PS2497ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 xi[200609-201002]160Kw218PS2497ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 xi[200709-200808]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)328 i xDrive[200809-201306]172Kw234PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)328 i[200606-201306]172Kw234PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)328 xi[200609-200808]172Kw234PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)330 i xDrive[201003-201306]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)330 i[200709-201306]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)330 i[201003-201306]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)330 xi[200609-200708]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)330 xi[200609-200708]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)330 xi[200703-201002]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)335 i xDrive[200811-201306]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)335 i xDrive[200811-201312]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)335 i xDrive[200901-201306]224Kw305PS2979ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)335 i[200606-201306]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)335 i[200606-201306]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)335 xi[200703-201002]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 Coupe (E92)335 xi[200703-201002]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)316 i[200809-201206]90Kw122PS1599ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)318 i[200601-200708]95Kw129PS1995ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)318 i[200705-201205]105Kw143PS1995ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)318 i[200709-201203]100Kw136PS1995ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)320 i[200509-201206]110Kw150PS1995ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)320 i[200702-201205]120Kw163PS1995ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)320 i[200702-201212]125Kw170PS1995ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)323 i[200604-200706]130Kw177PS2497ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)323 i[200609-200807]140Kw190PS2497ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)325 i xDrive[200809-201206]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)325 i[200412-200808]160Kw218PS2497ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)325 i[200412-201012]155Kw211PS2497ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)325 i[200709-201206]155Kw211PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)325 i[200709-201206]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)325 xi[200508-200808]160Kw218PS2497ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)325 xi[200709-200808]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)330 i xDrive[200709-201206]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)330 i[200508-200708]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)330 i[200709-201206]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)330 xi[200509-200708]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)330 xi[200709-201206]200Kw272PS2996ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)335 i xDrive[200809-201206]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)335 i xDrive[200809-201206]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)335 i[200609-201206]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)335 i[200609-201206]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)335 xi[200703-200808]225Kw306PS2979ccmBMW3 Touring (E91)335 xi[200703-200808]240Kw326PS2979ccmBMWX1 (E84)sDrive 16 i[201303-201506]105Kw143PS1592ccmBMWX1 (E84)sDrive 18 i[201003-201506]100Kw136PS1995ccmBMWX1 (E84)sDrive 18 i[201003-201506]110Kw150PS1995ccmBMWX1 (E84)sDrive 20 i[201109-201506]135Kw184PS1997ccmBMWX1 (E84)sDrive 28 i[201209-201506]180Kw245PS1997ccmBMWX1 (E84)xDrive 20 i[201109-201506]135Kw184PS1997ccmBMWX1 (E84)xDrive 25 i[201003-201108]160Kw218PS2996ccmBMWX1 (E84)xDrive 28 i[200909-201108]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMWX1 (E84)xDrive 28 i[201003-201106]194Kw264PS2996ccmBMWX1 (E84)xDrive 28 i[201103-201506]180Kw245PS1997ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 18 i[201304-201608]115Kw156PS1997ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 20 i[201109-201608]120Kw163PS1997ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 20 i[201109-201608]135Kw184PS1997ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 23 i[200903-201108]150Kw204PS2497ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 28 i[201109-201608]180Kw245PS1997ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 30 i[200902-201108]190Kw258PS2996ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 30 i[200905-201108]195Kw265PS2996ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 35 is[201003-201608]250Kw340PS2979ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 35 i[200902-201608]224Kw305PS2979ccmBMWZ4 Roadster (E89)sDrive 35 i[200902-201608]225Kw306PS2979ccm

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