KEMSO 340LPH E85 Fuel Pump Mustang 5.0 4.6 3.8 SVO Cobra GT LX Capri 1986-1997 for Sale

Price: $39.98

Manufacturer:KEMSO in Japan
Part Number:10911

The KEMSO 340 high pressure pump is capable of supporting applications of up to around 700-800bhp. This pump is also an ideal direct OEM replacement for stock OEM pumps that have gone faulty.

This KEMSO 340 pump is very similar to the popular Walbro 255 GSS340 (similar sized dimensions), with more flow. It's a high powered 340LPH fuel pump designed for use in many auto applications, whether it be daily drivers, fast road or if you're simply just looking to upgrade or replace your faulty fuel pump.

Kit Contents:
•1 x Genuine KEMSO 340 Fuel Pump
(For gasoline vehicles, In-tank design, E85 Compatible)
•2 x Gradient density Fuel strainers, with Lock ring
(Two strainers included to cover all models)
• 1 x 8*280mm flex hose
• 1 x Rubber hose
•1 x Wiring connector
•2 x Crimp connectors
•2 x Hose clamps
•1 x Rubber base
•2 x Zip-ties

Flow: 340 Liter per Hour, at 43psi, 13.5V
Operational Pressure: 43-90psi
Pump Body Diameter: 3.8cm
Overall Length: 12cm

UnrivalledKEMSO Quality Fuel Pumps
There is an increasing number of unbrandedaftermarket parts coming onto the market.Do not compare KEMSO parts to other cheap aftermarket units on eBay, there is simply no comparisonas many cheap part suppliers have little or no:

•Quality Control Program (ISO/TSO)
•Each pump individually tested
•Tested to flow 340 lph @ 43 PSI
•Lifetime Warranty
•Flow testing results

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