K20 K24 K-Series Tucked Engine Harness For Honda Acura K-Swap Integra CRX EK EG for Sale

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TRC BUDGET TUCKED K20 Engine Harness withintegratedCharge Harness

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You asked and we provided! A solution for those of you who want to go K swap without breaking the bank! We have decided to produce a RSX K20 harness that is not only tucked but at a price point that would be cheaper than even a USED OEM RSX TYPE S harness. We believe the K series motors are here to stay as popular Motor swap in the automotive world and the more affordable to the consumer the more growth we will see in the Racing Scene.


Our TRC harnesses are made with the highest quality materials. Yes there are lower quality copies out there butWe use Automotive grade wire with thecorrect gauge wire, Why? other companies use thinner wire to save money but it will effect performance. We are anAmericancompany and ship directly to you from the USA.

The TRC Tucked Engine Harness is designed as a high quality replacement 02-04 RSX Type-S harness which is commonly used for different engine managements (Hondata , AEM, etc etc ) in a clean Tucked layout . We have made the harness with lots of features so it will work with nearly all K-Series engine swaps and the 02-04 RSX Type S. It includes all the necessary plugs with a handful of extras (Fan Switch, IACV, Temp Sensor, ETC). We used professional automotive grade wiring resistant to moisture and most solvents to ensure quality and durability. Also we wrapped the harness in PVC tape to keep the cost down. If you want a more Robust harness, we recommend our Mil SPEC harness.

It comes with Factory OBD2 injector plugs with many popular injector clip overs to run aftermarket injectors like (Injector Dynamics, FIC, ETC ETC). The charge harness and alternator power wire areincorporatedinto the harness, we have also upgraded thegaugein wiring for the performance aspect. On swap chassis, the power wire will work with fuse box in factory location or relocated under the dash. Everything is labeled clearly to ensure a simple installation and no confusion.

Key Features

  • All plugs included
  • Wrapped in PVC tape
  • Professional Automotive Grade Wiring
  • Tucked design Harness runs over valve cover (Can be covered with coil pack cover) Integrated power wire and charge harness. Works with fuse box in stock location or relocated under dash. Injector wiring runs from under manifold between middle runners. Ground wire relocated to stud under coil pack cover (instead of front of the valve cover)
  • Includes single wire temp sensor wire (For k-swap cars stock cluster)
  • 3 Aux wires run from ECU to under intake manifold. Two ECU pins pre-installed.
  • Wiring long enough for both VSS low frequency or high frequency (High Frequency transmissions will require repining plug and slight modification to VSS) (we sell a jumper harness for this!

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