Invidia Q300 Exhaust 06-11 Honda Civic Si 8thcivic Coupe & Sedan for Sale

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Invidia Q300 Exhaust for 06-11 Honda Civic Si (Sedan or Coupe)

The Invidia Q300 for the 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si, this is a twin loop stainless steel cat-back (full) exhaust system that has superb quality and fitment. This exhaust comes in either stainless tip or the burnt titanium tip. The exhaust is 2.75 inches or 70MM providing excellent flow for N/A or boosted applications. One of the quietest exhausts you will find for the 06-11 8th generation Civic Si, it provides a sporty & smooth tone that opens up under full throttle. Paired with a great price and a great looking angle rolled tip this is an excellent choice for many, especially those most who desire sleeper exhaust notes. Bolt-on oem like fitment, install is quick and easy, this exhaust runs directly from the header all the way back. The exhaust works with both oem and aftermarket headers.

"This exhaust system is one of our favorite, due to the low noise and rumble it provides a more sporty note over oem and the best pricing" -- HARDmotion Team Overview:

Quietest Exhaust for the 8th Gen Civic
Wonderful sound under wide open throttle
Stainless Steel Consutrction
Twin Loop Internal Muffler
2.75 Inch or 70MM
Stainless or Titanium Tip
Full-Exhaust all the way back from header
Works with oem and any aftermarket exhaust


Sedan [4door] or Coupe [2door]
Stainless Or Titanium Tip


We rate this exhaust as one of the lower noise levels, this is one of the most popular exhaust due to this fact. Pair this with a nice intake and your car will sound absolutely beautiful.

Part #'s: Fitment

06-11 Coupe Si:
Titanium: HS06HC2G3T
Stainless: HS06HC2G3S
06-11 Sedan Si:
Titanium: HS06HC4G3T
Stainless: HS06HC4G3S

Available for:
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
8th generation Honda Civic Si w/ k20z3 motor fa5 fg2 chassis


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