IONIC DYNAMICS 300zx flush cowl set + rubber trim Unpainted. Free US shipping for Sale

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::::: What we have for sale is a brand new :::::

300zx Flush cowl trim set 1990-96 US models. The impossible to find windshield rubber trim is also included!
We are proud to introduce our flush cowl set for the Z32. Composites are ideal
for this application since they will provide more sturdiness and durability compared to
the OEM version made in plastic. We have modified the OEM design by removing
the vents for a smoothed out appearance making the car look less dated. There are no
negative effects caused by these changes. We have preserved the OEM mounting
points to ensure a perfect fitting part. These are only compatible with 2+0 and 2+2
& convertible 1990-96 US domestic models only (LHD models).These items will come in a gloss black gel coat finish. These are unpainted fiberglass
parts and should be expected to have imperfections. These can be installed without paint,
but for demanding customers we advise them to have them painted.Customers will have to reuse their mounting clips and some weather seals. We now
include the rubber trim that goes in between the cowl and windshield. (a $29.99 value) Manufactured by Ionic Dynamics,using the highest quality materials
and workmanship, these parts are strong and durable.

Items are made to order and will ship out within the specified handling timestated within the listing details.If you decide to pay via
PayPal I will only ship tothe address provided with the payment details. Please contact us if there is any issue with your item, we greatly value
our customers and will do our best to have every single one satisfied.Actual pictures taken on our "rescue" Z32 TT, we are using it for R&D this
year and restoring it this 2016 once we have completed our projects.
Please note that the cowls are only being held in place with a non
OEM bolt, and the product lines up nicely!

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