Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger Chevy LS-Swap Kit Truck FEAD EFI LS2 LSX for Sale

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TRE Vortech Authorized Priority Dealer - All Paxton/Vortech Products Available Visit our eBay Store for all other auctions or contact us and we can create a special listing for you! Click the "Contact seller" link next to our user name at the very top of the page to get our phone number. Vortech Supercharger System Details Shipping Payment Policies Contact This BRAND NEW Vortech LS-Swap Kit is designed for early model vehicles swapped with fuel injected Chevrolet LS engines using a LS1/LS2/LS6 style intake manifold and LS Truck Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) will get you a 30-75+% horsepower gain depending on engine size and boost level! Black Polished upgrade option is pictured for reference only, the standard kit is satin finish. This is the swap kit which will require a custom tune done locally after you swap the platform, and does not include a fuel system, programmer, or tuning. This kit WILL NOT work on a vehicle which originally came with an LS engine, those kits are much more expensive. There is no intercooler included, so on pump gas you can likely only run 6-10 psi of boost, depending on compression ratio. These kits use a shared 6 rib drive system running with the standard front end accessory drive parts of the LS Truck system. It will limit your max power potential, if you plan to make over 600-700 horsepower you should look at the C5/C6 Corvette LS-swap kits which use a dedicated 10 rib drive and can make over 1,000 horsepower. Vortech Part # 4GX218-150L There are many different options available from Vortech, please view the details section below for the details on this kit. Please contact us with questions or check our eBay Store for the many other Paxton/Vortech kits available, and options such as upgrading head units or polished head units. Details Wholesale Distribution available, contact us and we can create a special listing for you! Specifications: DETAILS: Horsepower gain: 30-75+% Satin finish V3 Si supercharger head unit, 6-8 psi 3.60” 6-rib pulley and MaxFlow Race Bypass Valve Premium Belt Drive System Fuel Pump Supplied: NONE Supplied Fuel Injectors Supplied: NONE Supplied Computer/Ignition Mods.: NONE Supplied Easiest and quickest installation The GM LS Engine is currently one of the most popular engine swap powerplants in the world. From the street to the track, pro touring to pro drifting, the LS has established itself to be a fantastic platform to swap into just about anything. Now Vortech Engineering allows you to take your LS even further with the new Universal LS-Swap Series of Supercharging Systems. Vortech is proud to announce the release of a new single belt LS-Truck FEAD supercharging system. This new budget-minded system is designed for customers who have swapped a fuel injected or carbureted Chevrolet LS engine into an earlier model vehicle which did not have an LS engine originally. It requires an LS1, LS2 or LS6 intake manifold and truck FEAD. ADDITIONAL DETAILS Designed for vehicles equipped with fuel injected Chevrolet engines using LS1, LS2, or LS6 style manifold and LS Truck FEAD. V-3 Si Supercharger with 3.60” 6-Rib pulley included (Other compressors and pulleys available) Billet Aluminum and steel supercharger mounting plates provide rigid supercharger mounting, with multiple idler mounting locations for a wide range of belt and pulley combinations. 6-Rib serpentine drive provides single belt drive for simplicity & multiple pulley options. Mandrel-Bent aluminum discharge ducting with Maxflow Race Bypass Valve Includes all necessary silicone couplers, clamps, and high quality hardware Easy 4-6 Hour Installation *If you want to make more peak power than EFI in a Pro Stock engine, check out the Carbureted version part # 4GX218-160L. A carb's pressure differential atomizes the gas a lot better than spraying fuel through an orifice. However, the EFI system is much easier to tune than a carburetor. PRODUCT OVERVIEW Summary and notes: This is a “universal” LS Swap supercharger kit designed for vehicles equipped with fuel Injected Chevrolet engines using LS1, LS2, or LS6 style Intake manifold and LS Truck FEAD Fitment of supplied belt assumes OEM truck FEAD pulley diameters. Alternate (customer-supplied) belt length may be required on some applications. Depending on vehicle, engine cooling hose adjustment or fabrication may be required Kits do not include fuel or timing accommodations. Fuel system upgrades and custom ECU programming will be required INCLUDES: V-3 Si supercharger with 3.60” 6-rib pulley (CW rotation, curved discharge, passenger side mount) This kit has been upgraded with a newer, stronger reinforced main bracket to withstand more power.3/8” thick nickel plated steel supercharger mounting plate for rigid supercharger attachment High-grade mounting hardware Supercharger air inlet filter Mandrel bent aluminum discharge tube with clamps and silicone sleeves Vortech Maxflow Race Bypass Valve with filter Installation time approximately 4-6 hours Supplied pulley ratio will produce approximately 6-8 psi @ redline on an otherwise stock engine (dependent on exhaust type and engine displacement). OPTIONAL COMPONENTS: The following is a list of items that are not included, but may be purchased separately Various size driven pulleys to choose from (contact us for proper application match) Vortech # 2A036-348: Supercharger drive pulley 6-rib 3.48“ diameter Vortech # 2A036-333: Supercharger drive pulley 6-rib 3.33“ diameter Vortech # 2A036-312: Supercharger drive pulley 6-rib 3.125“ diameter Vortech # 2A036-287: Supercharger drive pulley 6-rib 2.87“ diameter Vortech # 2A036-262: Supercharger drive pulley 6-rib 2.62“ diameter NOTE: Above pulley sizes will require the use of a different length supercharger drive belt No tuning provided This application is not CARB Legal TREperformance is an Authorized Priority Dealer of Vortech/Paxton superchargers. 12 Month warranty direct from Vortech Custom made and shipped direct from Vortech in 3-5 business days! Vortech Dealer information Not any shop can become an Authorized Vortech Installing Dealer; you need to be knowledgable in both naturally aspirated and boosted high performance vehicles, and have the staff to support customers with both in store and phone support. Vortech is very strict about who they allow as dealers. Most online only or mail order companies are unable to qualify as dealers, but you are welcome to stop by our shop to talk about your application or view our supercharger kits. TREperformance has been building high performance vehicles for over 15 years, everything from simple engine upgrades to 1,000 horsepower drag cars. We have been selling superchargers and building blown motors for over a decade, so you know the dealer you are buying from has the knowledge to get you the right kit for your application.We have Vortech supercharger systems to fit almost every performance application! 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