Hella 60mm Projector Adapter Plate Trans Am HID 1998-2002 for Sale

Price: $60

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One of the best retrofits to a late model Trans Am is new lighting.Lots of guys are wanting HID's these days, as they look great and produce a large amount of light. The problem with that are lots of people cramming HID's into non-projector housings and are blinding everyone with scattered light. For a proper retrofit, HID's need to be mounted in projectors to contain the light scatter and not blind all on coming traffic.



Low Beam - Includes two (2) brackets cut for Hella #HL57000 for your low beams. PROJECTORS NOT INCLUDED
High Beam - Includes two (2) brackets cut for #HL57002 for your high beams.PROJECTORS NOT INCLUDED
High and Low Beams - Includes four (4) brackets, two (2) cut for #HL57000 and two (2) cut for #HL57002 PROJECTORS NOT INCLUDED

We suggest RallyLights.com to purchase Hella 60mm projectors. The halogen bulbs that will come with the Hella projectors must be swapped for a set of HID bulbs. The halogen bulbs are too long and will not fit properly.

The brackets are water jet cut from 6061 aluminum right here in the USA.


These are not painted. They will be bare aluminum. These require no modification to the vehicle and are 100% reversible. These are not DOT approved and intended for off road or track use only. The brackets include no hardware and each set will require (8) 8/32-1" hardware with washers and lock nuts. We used stainless allen-head hardware to prevent rust.

The sample brackets in these pictures have been painted with Rustoleum Bedliner paint from Autozone.The brackets you receive will be bare aluminum and will NOT be painted.

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