Hash Mark stripes (WHEEL / RIM) X 4 Decals Dodge Charger Challenger FITS for Sale

Price: $13

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FOURdecals included - One for each wheel/rim

decalsmade from outdoor all-weathervinyl.

Pick your color: RED, BLACK, BLUEPINK, WHITE or SILVER(REDis the default color and will be sent unless buyers request another color. If you want color other than red, please send a message right after ordering to notify us what color you want.)

You can install this on any smooth surface such as glass, mirrors, car windows, etc.

Easy to install in minutes! Nomodifications to vehicle needed.

How to install:

1. Clean vehicle surface thoroughly with glass cleaner, then again with rubbing alcohol to remove all wax.
2. Measure to center and align decal. Install decal when temperature is above 50 degrees. Only apply decal to surface that is cool to touch. Not on hot surface or direct sun.
3. Peel paper backing from decal very slowly ensuring the decal sticks only to the top paper tape.
4. Very slowly and carefully apply decal to vehicle surface. Do not get in a hurry and risk damaging your decal.
5. Before peeling off transfer tape, apply firm pressure to the decal. Adhesive is pressure sensitive.
Listing is for decals only. Wheels not included.

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