Halltech 2015-2019 Corvette C7 Z06 Stinger-RZ™ Air Intake System for Sale

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Halltech 2015-19 Corvette C7 Z06 Stinger-RZ™with Agapostemon Bee Filterhas been dyno tested by no less than 20 independent shops, including GM dealerships. They have reported between 40 and 55 RWHP with this CAD developed intake system on the chassis dyno. Installation is the key to getting everything to fit however. Halltech is now installing each intake on the company C7 Z06 to assure proper fitment. Please watch the video install on our website under Install before purchasing. We highly recommend professional installation. The airbox is sealed, but is much larger than stock to promote better airflow, but it requires moving some of the engine bay components, and some modification. If you are not willing to make these small changes, leave your engine stock. On the other hand, imagine 720 HP at the flywheel, and .41 better 1/4 mile e.t. and +8 mph, which has been reported on the corvette forum. Add the TRIC Ram Air package if you plan on adding that in August. No changes need be made to your Stinger-RZ system to add the Ram Air later.

Halltech does not have a CA EO number for this induction system, which means it is not legal for sale in CA, unless used in off-road application,such as track racin

Technical Specs:

  • 51.6 RWHP
  • 1/4 mile improvement- .41 e.t. & 6 mph
  • Our pretuned intake tube, puts your air fuel ratio at a safe 12.4:1 air fuel ratio without voiding your warranty-tuning will give you the same 12.4:1, but at the expense of your warranty.
  • The Halltech Stinger-RZ adds more boost than the upper pulley, one again, without voiding your warranty.
  • The Halltech Stinger-RZ reduces the air restriction to flow of the stock filter, thereby gaining power from the huge parasitic losses of the factory intake.
  • Tested at the track by Andy Pilgrim, Jim Painter of Painter Racing, and Jason Harding of Katech Engine development. Water temps were 220F.

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