Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks, 12mm x 1.50 Thread, Bulge Acorn, Chrome, 12x1.5 61631 for Sale

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Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks - 12mm x 1.50 Thread, Bulge Acorn, Chrome, 61631 Item Details

  • New in Package Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks - 12mmx1.5 Thread, Bulge Acorn Seat, Chrome, 61631
  • 12mm x 1.50 Thread Size (Please verify your thread size prior to purchasing.)
  • Bulge Acorn: 60 degree Conical Seat
  • 1.5" Overall Length
  • 1" Width at widest point
  • .89" Seat Width at widest point
  • Chrome in Color
  • Free-Spinning Guard helps prevent the use of removal tools
  • Unique Key pattern
  • 3/4" and 13/16" dual hex key fits many common lug wrenches
  • Hardened-steel and triple chrome plated for lasting durability
  • Set of 4 wheel locks with 1 unique key
  • Key card to order additional keys if needed
Gorilla Automotive Original Gorilla Locks are the wheel locks that set the industry standard. Each wheel lock set includes 4 hardened steel triple chrome plated wheel locks, unique key, registration sticker and features a unique guarded security pattern for added protection.
Gorilla Automotive carries a complete line of wheel locks with unfailing quality and finish controlled through every step of manufacturing to deliver lug nuts and locks that outperform. Gorilla features unique locks with an external security pattern that makes it impossible to remove without the matching key. The locks are designed for unsurpassed security made from case hardened steel and chrome plated for lasting beauty.Protect your wheels with Gorilla Wheel Locks, because it's a Jungle out there.Please verify sizes prior to purchasing. Thank you.
  • Gorilla Automotive - Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks, 12mm x 1.50 Thread Size, 12x1.5, Bulge Acorn Cone Seat, Chrome, 61631

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q) Will this item fit my vehicle?
  • A) There are 3 major factors to consider. 1) Is this the correctThread Sizefor your vehicle? 2) Do your Wheels/Rims fitAcorn/ConeSeatlug nuts like this item? 3) Is this itemapproximatelythe sameDimensionsas a current lug? If yes to all 3, then this item should fit your vehicle! :)
  • Q) I answered YES to all 3 questions above, but the Compatibility Chart says this item doesn't fit?
  • A) Simply put, there is not enough room on the Compatibility Chart. We have entered the most popular makes and models first, but due to size limitations we had to leave out several vehicles. If you are certain of Thread Size, Seat and Dimensions, please do not let the Compatibility Chart discourage you!
  • Q) Are these for aftermarket wheels only?
  • A) No, these are for both OEM wheels and Aftermarket wheels alike. "Acorn" is a very popular "Seat" on both stock and aftermarket wheels from many manufacturers (but not all).
  • Q) How do I determine Thread Size, Seat and Dimensions?
  • A)The easiest way to do this is by removing an existing lug to examine it. You should easily be able to tell the Seat and measure the lug for it's dimensions. The dimensions of this item are listed in the description above, a Seat chart has been provided in the photos. Thread Size can likely be found in the vehicle's manual, or information provided by the manufacturer on the internet.
  • Q)What is a Wheel Lock?
  • A) A "Locking" Lug Nut that is removed by using the matching "Key", rather than a conventional Lug Wrench. This discourages thieves from stealing your wheels and tires. The "Key" easily fits into many common Lug Wrenches.
  • Q) Will other people have the same Key as I do?
  • A)No. This item has a unique Lock & Key pattern, other keys will not fit the specific grooves on these locks. Your unique key pattern is printed on the included Key Card if you lose your key or wish to order additional keys. We highly advise keeping your Key Card somewhere safe.
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