Price: $75.85


  • Items sold are listed as STEEL- LASER CUT
  • Sold by the EACH OR PAIR - IT IS stated in the PICTURE
  • Use to make your own Headers OR Turbo Manifold
  • Just measure, cut and weld our mandrel bends- sold seperately
  • Why buy from a "seller", when you can buy directly from the manufacturer here in the USA
  • ALL Header Flanges are sold based on current metal market prices
  • All Flanges are not polished. They are straight from the laser table to you!
  • All Flanges are made here in Oregon, not overseas
  • FREE Shipping!

  • We only accept payments through eBay Managed Payments
  • eBay Managed Payments accepts all major credit cards and PayPal for a safe and reliable buying experience
  • All in stock orders are shipped for FREE via USPS, FEDEX, UPS to USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico
  • Tracking information is automatically updated once the order is shipped
  • Special or large orders can be inquired about to GBEMANDRELSALES@GMAIL
  • All orders are processed within 1 business day of payment
  • If you ordered the wrong part and wish to return it, you may do so at your expense. Original shipping fees will be deducted from refund
  • We have the right to refuse any return if damaged and cannot be resold
  • Buyers remourse (ordered by accident or found cheaper product) is not covered in any return

GBE Mandrel Bending has never signed up for Ebay's 4 day or free shipping program. When we create a new item, all 500+ of our items are then automatically setup for the 4 days or it's free program. After 4 years, Ebay is still automatically signing us up for it and therefore giving false negatives to our customers. If you have not received your item after 4 days, there is no recourse from this program. We have contacted Ebay about this and the only thing they will do is remove them from all of our items when we get complaints.
Also, the delivery companies such as FEDEX, UPS, DHL are overcharging us and our consumers when we all need lower pricing. Instead these companies have a "COVID" fee attached to anything over 24" in length and are taking LONGER than usual to deliver. The USPS is also stating to our customers that an item has arrived, but in reality has not. If you received a notice it was delivered and you have not received the item (s), please wait an additional 1-2 days for the delivery of your product. We have been finding out that USPS is falsifying delivery dates to make it seem like they are doing a good delivery date when in fact they are not.
Once the item(s) leave our facility, we have no way of knowing where your items are or when it will be delivered . The only thing we can do is track down the package just as you can.
Thank you for your understanding
GBE Mandrel Bending strives to give great quality and selection at an honest price. We are not "re-sellers" of overseas bends, Marman flanges, header flanges and gaskets. All mandrel bends are made by us and the flanges/gaskets, are made for us by 2 local companies from our drawings. We are also just a 3 person shop.
Due to Covid restrictions and the shipping crises in metals for our bends, header/intake flanges, gaskets and more, we unfortunately have had to change our prices over the last few months.
You may find one part at a certain price and a smaller tube more expensive during your search. This is caused by us buying new material at the new higher cost to us or that it is a more popular size that everyone in the country has bought out and is in high demand therefore boosting the cost dramatically.
Every time we buy more material to fill our bins, the cost keeps going up. We do not know if this will end before 2024 when we get a new President who cares about us all and the infrastructure that is currently out of control.
We have re-evaluated all of our 500+ parts and have changed our price schedule to reflect the uptick in prices. To try to keep our prices down, we have changed our prices on our end to make less profit but this means we have to sell 2x more just to break even every month. Unfortunately, this is not happening since our prices do actually reflect current metal prices, the raise in shipping costs and the 30% ebay charges us when we sell anything.
For instance, if you bought an item from us at our Clackamas Oregon location for 13.26, then you add shipping and the 30% markup from ebay that part now comes to 41.94 for us to make the same profit. Sucks huh? If you bought from us on the phone, then with the part plus shipping, it would then cost $32.26 saving you 9.68 in ebay fees alone.
Again, we are really trying to keep prices down, but the companies who put thier hands in our pockets make this venture more difficult day by day to survive.
Thank you for your purchases in the past and present!
Steve Stabler, PresidentGBE Mandrel Bending Inc.
Due to the nature of cutting any metal, it may warp slightly as it gets heated. We do the best we can with all of our parts. If you get a flange that is slightly warped, there is nothing we can do during the cutting process to avoid this. ALL flanges sold everywhere will have a slight warp to them. as manufacturers, there is only so much we can do until nature takes over.

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