G-Tech Performance Meter Pro Tesla for Sale

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G-TECH/Pro is an electronic vehicle Performance Meter. It's designed to make a professional test driver out of anybody.Plug it into a cigarette lighter, mount it on the windscreen then accelerate. G-TECH/Pro does the rest automatically displaying the results. It's a great inexpensive way to get performance and safety info about you car.

Since the original G-TECHsresearch and development hasn't stopped, resulting in the all new G-TECH/Pro model. New Digital Signal Processing algorithms coupled with Gold Plated Circuitry and new Accelerometer. An accelerometer isa sensor that measures acceleration orG-Force. The G-TECH/Pro's precision accelerometer is one of the best in the world, a laser sliced silicone cube sitting ina silicone dampening gel, insuring impeccable accuracy.

What can it do?

G-TECH/Pro makes measurements gathered from acceleration over time, all performed automatically... push the button indicating that you are ready and then G-TECH/Pro will zero-out and display -GO-. Then simply start accelerating and it will know your speed and distance at any given moment, at a given point it stops the measurement and displays your 0-60 mph time or 1/4 mile time.

For Horsepower measurement the user inputs the weight of the vehicle and theG-TECH/Pro will display currently delivered horsepower during acceleration, then when you slow it displays maximum delivered horsepower. Indicated horsepower includes the loss of power through the drivetrain which is usually 10-15%.

Measuring Lateral or Longitudinal G's user has the choice of Instantaneous or Continuous mode. Instantaneous G's are great for analyzing when tires lost traction during braking and cornering or measuring any other kind of G-load. Continuous G's are designed for standard skid pad handling measurements of Lateral G's.

Measuring Braking distance in feet user doesn't have to start braking exactly at 60 mph. G-TECH/Pro knows the speed and it will only measure distance from 60-0 mph even if you started braking at 65 mph for example.

This product is perfect for looking at any modifications effect and is a must for anyone serious about performance and vehicle development.

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