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Hello buyers and welcome.
Today, you are looking at a USEDG TECH PRO PERFORMANCE METER.****EVERY ITEM YOU SEE POSTED IN THE PICTURES IS INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE******EXCLUDING GUITAR AND are a pawn shop company, we have multiple stores, and every item we list came out of our stores.
To save you time and make sure you don't miss out on an item please read this disclaimer where I will try to answer as many common questions as possible.
A:We do our best to test everything but are not experts on anything and may not have availability to accessories that are not with the item.Q:Do you have a guarantee?
A:No we do not have one and can not promise any item is covered by a company warranty.Q:Can you give a serial number?
A:No, we do not give serial numbers on anything.Q:What does this item come with?
A:The item includes only the accessories in pictures except for any kind of stand used to display the payments do you take?
A: We only take PayPalQ:Do you take PayPal credit?
A: NoQ:When is payment required?
A: We expect payment within 48 hours from the sale carrier do you use?
A:We use FedEx Ground and USPSQ:Can you ship with another carrier or service?
A: No we only ship with FedEx Ground and USPSQ:How fast is shipping?
A: Usually no later than 3 business days.Q:Can you combine shipping?
A: Yes, please do not pay for the item before you get an invoice or there's nothing we can do. If you don't get an invoice just shoot us a message, we just haven't noticed.Q:Why hasn't my item been shipped?
A:1:We ship in order of payments received.
2:We have a 2 business day handling time, we are a small growing department and only have one shipper, all items will be out within this time.
3:FedEx runs usually at 4PM Central Time, if you pay after 3PM it may not go out til the next day. USPS runs first thing in the morning.
4:We're closed on the weekend so Monday is our busiest shipping day because we're trying to make up for those I cancel a offer?
A: Yes, unless the item is within 10 hours of ending we will cancel your offer.Q:Can I cancel after the sale ends?
A: No, we will not cancel after the sale ends for any reason, we don't do one day sales so there is no reason you cannot read about the item, look at the pictures, and ask any questions before you place a offer. Once you place a offer you are responsible.

  • Return Policy:
Q:Do you have a return policy?
A:Yes, we offer a 14 day return policy on items listed as working.Q:Do you have a return policy on non working items?
A:No, non working items are sold AS IS FOR PARTS ONLY.Q:Who pays shipping?
A: If the item is not as we described it or defective we do, if you change your mind you are responsible for it.Q:Do I need to message you to get a return?
A: We always appreciate a head up but you can leave a description in the details box on the return.Q: How do you handle returns?
A: We do all our returns through so everyone is protected?Q:How long does it take to get a refund?
A: After get the item we have to inspect it, we know not everyone is a thief but have had people try to return different items, then we will instantly issue it.
If your question was not answered, please feel free to email us through our account or you can give us a call at 337-497-1898.Thank you and Happy offerding.s-e-1855-KL

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