Ford Sync 3 APIM and Screen Upgrade with Navigation 3.4 2020 Maps VIN Programmed for Sale

Price: $679.00


  • Enjoy the use of Sync 3, Apple CarPlay,Android Auto, Google Maps, Waze and more with this plug and play kit from SimplyMichigan for your Ford or Lincoln vehicle
  • Sync 3 APIM module and 8" display screen is fully functional and tested, condition is used, you willreceivehardware from a 2017 and 2018 vehicle
  • Includes factory navigation
  • STANDARD screen
  • Programming is included FREE
  • Glass/digitizer is in NEW condition, there will be no scratches or damage of any kind. Item will ship with protective plastic still attached to the screen. Display screen enclosure/case is used and may show signs of use (small dents, etc.)
  • Infotainment system will ship with the donor vehicles VIN on the label attached to the hardware, if available
  • Fully updated to the latest 3.4 software and 2020 maps FREE
  • You willreceive an item exactly like the one pictured, stock photos were taken for this listing
  • Easy installation! Plug and play, just swap out the hardware and you're done. No technical knowledge required
  • 30 day free returns, 90 day warranty on all hardware
Additional Hardware Information

Please read the listing in it's entirety before purchasing to ensure your vehicle is compatible. 95% of the questions we receive can be answered here

  • Programming Instructions:This purchase is only intended for Sync 2 to Sync 3 conversions with the 8" display screen, $49 surcharge is required for orders intended for 4" to 8" conversions. Please include your vehicles VIN in the checkout notes or please send it to us via message
  • Hardware:You will receive hardware from a 2017 or 2018 vehicle, we do not use hardware from 2016 vehicles which have known reliability issues
  • Screen Type:Standard Screen -Please refer to the screen fitment guide below to see if this will fit your vehicle
    Conversion Information
    • MyFordTouch/Sync 2 with 8" Display: If you already have the 8" display screen and you're looking to convert to Sync 3 this process is very simple and straight forward. You will need this screen and APIM assembly (be sure to order the correct listing for the screen) and one of our conversion kits which will include everything you need to replace your USB hub and it also includes a new GPS antenna. Please make sure you also purchase the correct conversion package as different vehicles require different wiring for the USB hub. When you receive your order it's as simple as swapping everything out. The APIM comes pre-programmed and no technical knowledge is required.
    • 4" Sync to 8" Sync 3: This conversion is possible but requires more work and money. Typically you will need a new HVAC/radio bezel, additional USB hub wiring, screen brackets and a new hiring harness adapter. You will also need a conversion kit which includes the USB hub and GPS antenna. Of course every vehicle is different and your vehicle may vary. We don't stock all of the parts needed for these conversions, it will require some work on your end to track everything down, however in the end you will spend less money doing it rather than purchasing a more convenient package elsewhere.
    • 2019+ Ford/Lincoln Vehicles: Starting in 2019 Ford released a newer 4th generation APIM module. As a general rule of thumb, you do not want to use a module that's older than your vehicle as you may run into compatibility issues. If your current vehicle has Sync 3.2+ you must use an APIM from another 2019+ vehicle.
    Conversion Packages
      Looking to make this a complete plug and play purchase? You'll need to replace your USB hub and add a new GPS antenna (your old antenna isn't compatible) to convert to Sync 3 and enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We have 3 different packages available depending on your vehicle year and model: GEN 1, Gen 2A and GEN 2B. If you don't see the one you need please contact us for alternate options. We'll help you get everything you need, even if it's not purchased through us.
      Click here to add a conversion kit to your order
    Screen Fitment Guide

    Unsure what screen type your vehicle has? No problem! Use the guide below to see if your vehicle has a standard screen or a recessed screen. Have questions? Please don't hesisate to ask us for help. You may use a different screen type if you wish however screen bracket modification will be required (must drill new holes for most vehicles, use double sided 3M VHB tape for Ford Edge)

    Recessed Screen2011+ Lincoln MKX, 2013+ Lincoln MKT, 2013+ Lincoln MKS, 2013+ Ford Taurus, 2011+ Ford Explorer, 2011+ Ford Edge, 2013-2014 Ford F-150, 2013+ Ford F-250, 2013+ Ford F-350, 2013+ FlexStandard Screen2013+ Lincoln MKZ, 2015+ Lincoln MKC, 2013+ Ford Fusion, 2015+ Ford Mustang, 2015+ Ford F-150, 2013+ Ford Escape, 2013+ Ford C-MAX, 2015+ Ford Expedition, 2012+ Ford FocusLooking for the recessed screen and APIM bundle? You can find that by clicking hereFrequently Asked Questions
    • Do you provide programming? Does this include programming? Yes! We do provide programming and this purchase includes it. Please provide your VIN in the checkout notes when you purchase
    • Can you ship to my country? Can you change the maps? Can you change the language? Most likely yes, we can ship to your country, if eBay says it's available to purchase for you then we'll ship it. We use eBay's Global Shipping Service to handle all of the customs paperwork and additional shipping costs. Currently we're unable to change the map region on the APIM or change the language that's already pre-set
    • Does this work with my vehicle?If you have a Sync 2 / MyFordTouch system, then yes, this will work
    • Are there any issues with steering wheel controls or the backup camera? No, as long as you have your module properly programmed everything should work normally. If you have a F-150 Raptor, your front camera will not work
    • Do non-navigation units still need a GPS antenna? Yes, non-navigation units still require a GPS antenna. They still have built in compasses and it is still needed for other system functions
    • Do you know what software version is currently installed? Yes, however since this is a bulk listing we don't have them advertised. We offer a software updating service if you would like to make sure it's fully up to date before you receive it
    • Are these really plug and play? For the most part, yes! This is a very easy modification to do if you have an 8" Sync 2 system already. You'll just take your dash apart, remove the old Sync 2 unit, attach the GPS antenna somewhere in your dash and plug in your new Sync 3 system. You'll also pull out your old USB hub and replace it with the new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible version.
    • I'm doing a Sync 2 to Sync 3 conversion, I have a Lincoln vehicle and the brackets don't fit, the yellow screen connector is in the way. What do I need to do to be able to install it? With some older Lincoln vehicles you may have to trim your original screen brackets to be able to clear the repositioned screen connector
    • Do you sell hardware from 2016 model yearvehicles? We don't offer APIM's from 2016 donor vehicles; the 4 biggest APIM model numbers that you typically see are GXXX-14G370-BM, GXXX-14G370-BL, GXXX-14G370-CM and GXXX-14G370-CL. These are generation1 modules and have a higher failure rate that Ford is aware of and fixed in later generations. So far, we're the only seller on eBay that will disclose this to you
    • Will upgrading effect my SiriusXM subscription? No, your subscription will stay intact as this upgrade will not change your SiriusXM ID
    • My Sync 2/MyFordTouch display works perfectly. Can I use that screen and just buy a module forSync 3? Unfortunately you can't use your existing screen to upgrade, the technologies and screen connectors are different
    • My vehicle has aninstrument cluster display in the dash (on the sides of the speedometer) of the vehicle whichdisplays road names, speed limits, etc. Will this feature be retained when upgrading to Sync 3? Unfortunately there are someincompatibilities with Sync 3 and theseinstrument cluster displays. Depending onyour vehicle and the firmware version for these displays you may lose these features and only a compass will be displayed (or this information may only be present when you have an active navigational destination set)
    • "Thank you for the support and feedback that helped me to make my decision to purchase this unit. It is perfect, everything works perfectly, and the scratches are far less obvious than your pictures. You don't even see them. I am impressed and happy. All of the recommendations you made for the conversion parts were exactly what was needed ... Thank you again!!!" - Feedback from actual customer
    • "I just wanted to say thanks. I received the Nav unit today and I'm really impressed with the condition and the way it was packaged. Was a little concerned that you listed the screen as poor and actually was planning on ordering a new touch screen digitizer but those scratches are only detectable with intense light with reflection. Thanks for being so thorough in the description. It went in quick and works flawlessly so far. I've looked at a lot of auctions but decided I wanted to buy from you early on. All the information you provide in the listings make it really easy and I just had to wait for a "recessed" unit. Anyway thanks again. Really pleased with the whole transaction." - Feedback from actual customer
    • "I just wanted to let you know that I got the Mustang NAV unit I purchased from you installed over the weekend and it works GREAT! Did not realize until it was in and working, that you had sent me the latest and most up-to-date unit - that was a nice surprise. Thanks again for your quick communication and answers to all of my questions - very happy that I purchased this from you - my Mustang is now complete!" - Feedback from actual customer
    • "I wish I could give you longer feedback because this whole transaction was exceptional. Our navigation unit was delivered today, we were just leaving when the mail delivery arrived. Perfect timing. We have it installed, we did the master reset and it is working perfectly. Before purchase you answered all of my questions and were polite about them too...I knew nothing about swapping those units but you sure did and you made sure that I did as well. I just wanted to personally thank you for everything! If I hear of someone wanting a navigation unit I know where to send them. Keep up the great work and best of luck to you with SimplyMichigan in the future." - Feedback from actual customer
    • "Thanks again for the awesome customer support. When I first decided to upgrade I found Infotainment. And then I found 4DTech. Both were awesome for their tutorial videos and that's about it. Their prices were so outrageous. Long story short was I knew I could do better and that's how I found SimplyMichigan. Your reputation was enough for me to steer clear of only slightly better deals on eBay." - Feedback from actual customer
    Chinese Counterfeits - Consumer AdvisoryBeware of APIM modules coming from Overseas/China. Recently it was discovered (not by SimplyMichigan) that an online retailer, a seller from China/Hong Kong, purchased a Sync 3 upgrade kit and was complaining about the outside temperature not showing up. This is an indication of improper programming. The seller just transferred the Sync 2 programming code directly onto the Sync 3 APIM which is completely wrong. After inspection of the APIM the outside front housing looked new, the white sticker tag looked factory but wasn't (it was counterfeit), the backside of the APIM was beat up, the boards inside are from two different manufactures, the motherboard inside was from a 2016 even though the counterfeit label on the outside had a 2019 date on it, it was formatted/hacked to run software version 3.4 but the firmware was still old and wasn't updated. Also, there was evidence of water damage and had dirty heat transfer pads. Please be cautious of who you purchase from.
      Contact us

      We can be contacted at any time through eBay messages if you have any questions, comments or product fitment requests. We will respond to you within 24 hours and will do our best to help you out! We encourage our customers to contact us with any questions or concerns! We'd like to be sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

      WarrantyIf your display screen and/or APIM fail within 90 days, starting on the date of purchase, we will replace it. For the warranty to be valid all screen and/or APIM tampering evident seals must be intact and unaltered. Hardware will be inspected for accidental damage ('accidental damage' is damage that occurs as a result of a sudden, unexpected and unforeseen event that causes visible damage by yourself, guests or animals) before the warranty will be fulfilled.Warranty will also be voided if we find evidence that the module's software/firmware was updated by using unauthorized 3rd party tools, retain your warranty by allowing us to update the module for you.ShippingFree domestic shipping via USPS Priority, all items will be packaged properly to protect the contents inside. International shipping available via eBay's Global Shipping Program, extra fees apply. All orders over $150 will be shipped with signature confirmation to ensure your merchandise arrives safelyReturnsFree 30 day domestic returns, return shipping for international customers is buyersresponsibility. Items must be returned in the same condition as youreceived it. All tamper evident seals must not altered or removed. Item will be inspected upon arrival and fees may be taken from the return if the unit was damaged. Scratches on new screens will result in a $50 fee.

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