Ford ST Vehicle Front License Plate Auto Tag Car Fiesta Focus Racing NEW for Sale

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Ford ST PrintedLicense Plate


Madeexclusivelyin theUSA.

***Please read description before purchasing***

-Por favor lea toda la descripción antes de comprar-

Front Auto Plate / Tag

-Great gift Item for a personal car/truck.Hang it on a wall in your Room/Office.

-Platemay appeardimensional or 3D,however, it is not. It isFLAT.

(The plate isnot 3D. The plate isFLAT)

- 6”inches Tallby 12” inches Wide in Size -.025” Thick - Universal Fit.

-Printed - laminated, full style="-webkit-text-stroke-width: initial; font-size: 14pt; margin: 0px; line-height: normal; -webkit-text-stroke-color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">(Printed using3Mcommercial grade vinyl. Laminated w/3M over-laminate.

3M is the industry leader. These will last outdoors7+According to the manufacture. *Images that are sublimated onto the platedo not last longand will fade in UV light over time…These will not!)

-.025 Inchesthick.(Roughly the thickness of a Gov. Issued State ID Plate.)

If you are not sure how thick that ispleaseresearch it.

- Back side of aluminum plate will have a whiteenamel finish.

Folks, these are simply novelty plates, they have about the same thickness as a state issued license plate. They are flat, they arenot engraved, etched, embossed, 3D, or dimensional, they have no texture.. They are100% Flat.They are printed using standard ink colors, there isno metallics, chrome, gold, or silver. Color process is CMYK.

*Plates with Carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, or Diamond plate, etc. for example aresimulated, they are simply printed.

*The picture represents the actual image rendering, which is printed and mounted to a thin enamel coated piece of aluminum.

*The thickness of the plate allows the plate to flex around certain vehicles with rounded bumpers. Once the plate is mounted to a bumper, or a wall, it will stay flat, flush, and secure if properly mounted.

Please make sure to read this description in its entirety and understand that these are for novelty purposes only…

-Once again, This is a .025"Thick,6" Tall x 12" WideLicense plate that is made in part of aluminum, it has a baked enamelfinish on both sides, there is a full color, laminated high performance vinyl decal mounted to the 6"x12" aluminum which gives the plate the appearance (design) it has. Please make notethat is plate isFLATand is.025" thick.

We userecycledcardboard and newspaper for shipping purposes when possible and available to us.

*We prefer NOT to ship to third party shipping companies to be sent out of country. Please contact usfirstbefore purchasing to send out of the USA.

*Preferimos NO enviar internacional o terceras personas. Pero si a si lo desean por favor contáctenos antes de comprarlo.

*Por favor si tienen alguna pregunta o duda sienta confianza de contactarnos.

NOTE:We do not use “cheap” inferior materials.

Everything is manufactured in theUSA.

Alternative items offered online sometimes use materials from overseas, many times the vinyl used is the very cheapest and is usually not even laminated! Dye Sublimation onto a plate may look good initially but is almost 100% guaranteed to fade over time in sunlight. You can rest assure this plate will not fade in the sun. The manufactures estimated outdoor life span is 7+ Years! We use all high performance commercial grade materials that areproven. These plates are far better then most plates being offered online in terms of longevity and quality.

In conclusion, It would seem the only negative response we have received is due tocustomers failing to read thead descriptionwhich is why we put so much emphasis on how important the description is…We feel the item should be described as in-depth and transparently as possible.

The biggest complaint seems to be that these plates are not 3D. If someone buys this item and chooses not to read the description, we should not be blamed or given negative response for this, rather,we feela solution should be discussed so that the buyer is satisfied and can see something positive out of the purchase!

The second most common complaint is the plate thickness. These plates are not thick, they have about the thickness of a govt. issued plate. (as stated).

The description is100% accurate.

Quite frankly, spiteful people can really say anything on our response / review pages!

We have been told in the past these plates werepaper, Cardboard, plastic, etc.

This is however100% false.Claims made that the item ispaperthin are100% false.

We feel that most ournegative reviews are coming from negative people. They seem to have unrealistic expectations for a $15.85(shipped)item. In truth, there are some people you just cannotsatisfy or make happy...Of not one customer had contacted us first withtheir concern, had they, we are sure that we could have come up with a satisfying solution for them!

~For customers who are either dissatisfied with the product or just chose not to read the description and thought this was something different, we offer returns up to 30days.

There are no restocking fees, Simply ship the itembackand you willreceivea full refund.Please be advised: should there be any issues with the plate and a return is needed, our policy is to ask for photo evidence. We are happy to resolve any issue!

We apologize this was so long, however we find itveryimportant to make the description as detailed as possible!



This sale is for (1) Plate, nothing else, One item and free shipping. Thank you

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