Focus SVT 6 Speed Shifter bushing bronze Getrag plastic slider replacement brass for Sale

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Price: $26.50

Side to Side slop in your SVT shifter is actually caused by an external linkage on the transmission and it’s just this little black bushing wearing out (if you catch it in time). Your shift knob can move back and forth an extra inch when there is just an 1/8” of extra travel at the transmission shift linkage. Ford never serviced this wear part but we do and we redesigned it as a bronze bushing for smoother action and greater longevity both!This bushing is actually responsible for selecting which “gate” the transmission fork is supposed to switch to and when you have it in a particular gate (ex. Reverse Gate) it then has to slide through the slot in the external transmission linkage. That slide wears the plastic bushing out over time but our round bushing rotates instead, reducing friction and wear!
Catch it early enough and you can replace the little black square bushing before it eats the Pin it rides on! Even better is that you no longer have to use a square plastic piece in there again. Friction and wear were part of the design of that plastic square. We fabricated a dimensionally correct round replacement that when properly lubed will actually rotate, rather than slide.
The feel is amazing! Put some precision back into your precision SVT! You will feel the difference even on non worn pins.
We are still testing this piece on pins WITH WEAR. It is definitely tougher than its plastic counterpart. If you have a little pin wear you can certainly try it, it can possibly ‘bridge’ over your gap. If you do want to try it as a band aid on a worn pin, I suggest you go to Sellers Other Items and find 2 piece sale so you can have a spare. This sale is for 1 bronze bushing.

If your pin is badly flat spotted from being run with a totally work out bushing we do make a pin replacement kit. It required grinding out the old pin and bolting in the replacement to give the bushing something to sit on. If that describes your situation, please contact us.

Many more product offerings coming for the Focus, I’m extremely passionate about these cars and always innovating!

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