F0PZ-10346-C Ford Alternator Reman 100 amp UHR302 GL286 - NO CORE CHARGE for Sale

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Closeout! - Overstock Inventory SaleThis 100 amp Alternator will fit the following applications: YEAR MAKE MODEL ENGINE 1990-92 FORD BRONCO 4.9L 1988,90 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE 5.0L 1979-85,88-90 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE 4.9L 1979-85,88 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE 5.0L 1979-85,88-90 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE 5.8L 1984 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE 6.9L DSL 1979-85,89 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE / CLUB 4.9L 1979-84,89 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE / CLUB 5.0L 1979-85 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE / CLUB 5.8L 1979-85,88-90 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE 4.9L 1979-85,88,89 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE 5.0L 1979-85,88,90 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE 5.8L 1983 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE 6.9L DSL 1979,84,88,89 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE 7.5L 1979-85,88,89 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE / CLUB 4.9L 1979-82 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE / CLUB 5.0L 1979-85,88,90 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE / CLUB 5.8L 1980-82 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE / CLUB 6.6L 1984 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE / CLUB 6.9L DSL 1988-89 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE / CLUB 7.3L DSL 1979,84,88,89 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE / CLUB 7.5L 1979-85,87,88,90 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE 4.9L 1979-82 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE 5.0L 1979-82,84-85,88,90 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE 5.8L 1980-82 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE 6.6L 1984,87 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE 6.9L DSL 1988-89,93 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE 7.3L DSL 1979-85,87-90,92 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE 7.5L 1980-84,88,90 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE / CLUB 4.9L 1980-82 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE / CLUB 5.0L 1980-85,90 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE / CLUB 5.8L 1980-82 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE / CLUB 6.6L 1989 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE / CLUB 7.3L DSL 1980-82,87,88,90 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE / CLUB 7.5L 1989 FORD F-150 4.9L 1989 FORD F-150 5.0L 1989 FORD F-150 5.8L 1989 FORD F-350 4.9L 1989 FORD F-350 5.8L 1989 FORD F-350 7.3L DSL 1989 FORD F-350 7.5L 1980 FORD FAIRMONT 2.3L 1980 FORD FAIRMONT 3.3L 1980 FORD FAIRMONT 4.2L 1976 FORD GRANADA 3.3L 1976 FORD GRANADA 4.1L 1976 FORD GRANADA 5.0L 1976 FORD GRANADA 5.9L 1982,84-85 FORD LTD 5.0L 1982 FORD LTD 5.8L 1987-90 FORD LTD CROWN VICTORIA 5.0L 1987,90 FORD LTD CROWN VICTORIA 5.8L 1976 FORD MUSTANG II 2.3L 1976 FORD MUSTANG II 2.8L 1976 FORD MUSTANG II 5.0L 1976 FORD PINTO 2.3L 1976 FORD PINTO 2.8L 1987 FORD TAURUS 3.0L 1972 FORD TORINO 5.0L 1972 FORD TORINO 5.8L 1972 FORD TORINO 6.6L 1972 FORD TORINO 7.0L 1984 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2.4L DSL 1985-86 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 5.0L 1984 LINCOLN MARK VII 2.4L DSL 1983,85.86,89 LINCOLN MARK VII 5.0L 1974 LINCOLN MARK VII 7.5L 1985-87,89 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 5.0L 1979-80 MERCURY CAPRI 2.3L 1979-80 MERCURY CAPRI 3.3L 1980 MERCURY CAPRI 4.2L 1989-91 MERCURY COLONY PARK 5.0L 1982 MERCURY COUGAR 2.3L 1980,82 MERCURY COUGAR 3.3L 1982 MERCURY COUGAR 3.8L 1979-80 MERCURY COUGAR 5.0L 1974 MERCURY COUGAR 5.8L 1974 MERCURY COUGAR 6.6L 1974 MERCURY COUGAR 7.5L 1982-91 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 5.0L 1986 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 5.8L 1979-80 MERCURY MONARCH 4.1L 1980 MERCURY MONARCH 4.2L 1979-80 MERCURY MONARCH 5.0L 1974 MERCURY MONTEGO 4.1L 1972,74 MERCURY MONTEGO 5.8L 1972 MERCURY MONTEGO 6.6L 1979 MERCURY MUSTANG 5.0L 1987 MERCURY SABLE 3.0L 1979-80 MERCURY ZEPHYR 2.3L 1980-81 MERCURY ZEPHYR 3.3L 1980-81 MERCURY ZEPHYR 4.2L 1979 MERCURY ZEPHYR 5.0L Pulley in the pictures above is for the Ford F Series Trucks. Pulley can be removed and replaced with a different pulley to fit all applications. AZ residents add 7.3% sales tax. PayPal only. Payment required within three working days.AZ residents add 7.3% sales tax. PayPal only. Payment required within three working days. We ship via FedEx Ground Monday through Friday. Shipment will usually be made the next business day after payment received and cleared via Paypal. Please note, FedEx Ground will not deliver to a USPS PO Box. Regrettably, if your shipping address is a USPS PO Box, I must ask you not to purchase.Please reference part #FOPZ10346C.

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