Edge Products. 2002 FORD 7.3 Powerstroke. Edge Juice with Attitude Monitor. Used for Sale

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Edge Products. 2002 FORD 7.3 Powerstroke. Edge Juice(EJF2100) with Attitude Monitor(EAF2100A). Condition is Used. Everything included shown in the pictures. This is off my dads 02’ Powerstroke. He bought these edge products new and has had them installed on only one vehicle for a number of years, around 10 and has had no issues. Recently he had two issues with his truck, at over 200k miles he lost his second automatic transmission, not uncommon for every 100k. The other issue was his motor running bad. On inspecting it was a wire on the edge harness, as seen in the pictures, the wire to crank shaft position sensors got cut somehow. For a number of reasons and mods that he is doing at this point, he is going to use a different programmer and no longer needs this one. Thus some history on the product and the reason for selling. Everything was in great working order until wire got cut. It’s a easy fix but I did not want to cause any suspicions, so I left as is and figure anyone interested would be fully capable and happy to fix on their own. Only other thing to note is that a few of the buttons on the attitude monitor will stick sometimes, but still works. No doubt they could get cleaned and the sticking could be resolved, with that too I decided to leave as is so as not to hide anything. Other than that, to my knowledge, it’s all in working order.However, this is being sold as is with no guarantee.Thanks for your interest!

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