Dodge Dakota 4x4 Transfer Case Shifter Repair Replacement Bushings Easy Install for Sale

Price: $19.99

2000 Dodge Dakota
Transfer Case Shifter(4X4 Shift Selector)Repair Kit
Fits ONLY transfer case models 231

BushingFix® kits: The choice repair among transmission repair shops

The transfer case shifter repair kit allows you to quickly and easily repair your 4X4 shifter by replacing the bushing. This is a complete 4X4 cable repair kit engineered to provide a safe and effective means to replace the transfer case bushings. Item includes not only 2 replacement bushings but the installation tool as well. The patented (US Patent # 10,215,273 & US Patent # 10,619,723) tool and custom molded replacement bushings ensure a quality repair with ease.A professional can perform this repair in under 10 minutes, average time for a non-professional is less than 25 minutes.

Custom Fit: No need to replace the entire cable or search for the exact cable match and length to fit your vehicle with our kit! Our transfer case cable bushing fits into your existing cable with a custom designed fit. No need to spend time and sweat pulling the entire cable out and replacing when we fix the problem itself with ease.

Benefits to our kit:Our bushing is designed to outlast the vehicle. Made from the highest quality polymer available, our bushing is engineered and tested to ensure a snug, long lasting fit. Not only do we provide you with a superior bushing, but also the invaluable installation tool, providing ease of install every time. BushingFix® provides safety, ease, affordability and the professional expertise you can trust.

Why Buy From Us:www.BushingFix®.com® is an Ascension Engineering company created after working for 15 years with General Motors and Porsche. We are a local engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacturing of automotive parts. Our engineers develop superior replacement parts and installation systems for common part failures that the OEM has no specific part available. Our aim is to develop and manufacture patented replacement parts that save not only the client money but the cost of labor.

Lifetime Warranty: Free replacement against defects in material or production. This warranty does not cover improper installation. For replacement, we may require pictures of failed parts and/or descriptions of failure, and return of the failed parts.

Preferred by Professionals: Hard plastic bushings are difficult to install by themselves and prone to failure which is why transmission shops prefer our bushing and compression tool.

The shifter should look like the one below:

The Easiest way to Repair Transmission Cable Bushing:

WATCH! It\'s SO easy!

*That means you don\'t have to risk jabbing a screwdriver through your hand or using excessive force to get it installed.*That means you can install the bushing without damaging it.*That means you can install without damaging the cable.

Installation instructions: [link removed by eBay]

Bushing Fix®®®®is a Registered Brand; with Trademarked Products: BP1Kit™; CA1Kit™; CH1Kit™; DA1Kit™; DR1Kit™; F2Kit™; FA1Kit™; FM1Kit™; Gi1Kit™; HR1Kit™; JE1Kit™; IM1Kit™; JL1Kit™; NA1Kit™; MM1Kit™; MT1Kit™; GC1Kit™; NI1Kit™; RT1Kit™; RX1Kit™; SA1Kit™; SB1Kit™; SI2Kit™; SR1Kit™; TB1Kit™; UA1Kit™;UP1Kit™- Transmission Shift Cable Bushing Repair Kit ™; (US Patent # 10,215,273 and US Patent # 10,619,723).

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