Digital Power Box CRplus Diesel Chiptuning Module for BMW 330D 520D 525D 530D for Sale

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PowerBox CRplus for BMW with Common Rail Technology


For BMW Common Rail Vehicles

25% - 55% greater performance than our standard PowerBox CR
Improved fuel efficiency

Includes OEM plugs (no soldering required)

No increased emissions

No interference to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU); original settings are not altered

Will not harm your engine, does not increase injection pressure

Will not alter engine diagnostics functioning

Will not interfere with engine error code sensing

Does not change the service intervals required for your vehicle

3-year limited warranty

How does the PowerBox work?

The PowerBox CRplus works by modifying the electronic signals that control fuel pressure produced by the pump in order to optimize engine performance. The PowerBox CRplus senses and responds to changes in engine load/speed throughout the range of acceleration. With the PowerBox CRplus, pressure accumulates faster in the rail and is readily maintained to deliver more power and torque. The result is smooth and responsive acceleration that produce sportier handling. The increased torque produced by the PowerBox enables the engine to operate more efficiently, so fuel consumption is minimized.

The PowerBox CRplus is fully digital and includes a signal variation switch with multiple settings, so there's never a problem finding the setting that's best for your vehicle. You can even turn the PowerBox off while it is still connected.

The PowerBox CRplus has been programmed for optimal performance. Power gains vary depending on engine and ECU type. PowerBox CRplus users can expect a power improvement ranging from 25% to 55% greater than gains achieved with our standard PowerBox CR. Essentially, the power improvement is linear to acceleration; however, a greater boost is provided when there's an immediate demand for acceleration. This reduces the time required to pass other vehicles, and, in some cases, means less time exposure to oncoming traffic.

Despite its potential for tremendous power improvement, the PowerBox CRplus has been programmed to provide better fuel efficiency. Its unique programming increases power when needed most. During acceleration, in injection time required to achieve higher speeds is substantially reduced. This minimizes fuel consumption. In fact, independent testing revealed fuel economy savings from 10% to 15% at signal variation settings.


The PowerBox CRplus includes an extended wiring harness to provide greater reach for installation. The unit is equipped with plugs that are compatible with those in your vehicle. With the instructions provided, an inexperienced driver can complete the installation in just a few minutes (depending on make and model). Installation instructions are included.

Signal Variation Switch

The digital PowerBox CRplus has an Signal Variation Switch with 16 effective settings. The unit can be easily adjusted by using a small screw driver.

When making inquiries or purchases please ALWAYS provide the following information... - make - model - engine size/type - HP/bhp/PS - kilowatts (kw) - ft lbs torque/NM - year


Satisfaction Guarantee
For other than warranty claims, if you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, you may return it for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

3-Year Limited Warranty
Within three (3) years from the date of purchase, we will repair or replace, at no charge, the original product purchased.

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