C3 Corvette Electric Headlight Motor Conversion Kit 68-82 Completely NEW for Sale

Price: $549.0

Corvette C3 Electric Headlight Conversion “Don’t be the best in the world at what you do: be the only one” Jerry Garcia Finally- an electric headlight conversion using a complete new design. Not just another copycat Why use 20+year old technology when modernizing your car? Spray painted motors from a Junkyard? Really? Cut up the headlight assemblies for them to "work" Not with my kit!!! -Brand new AC Delco motors used on millions of Crossover/SUVs for the rear wiper. These are small - heavy duty- very efficient and no electrical internal parts to fail. -Super smooth operation-and at the right speed- Watch the YouTube Videos below -Plug and play electrically-no wires to run to the headlight switch-no disassembly of the dash- running wires to the interior-simply plug in at either low beam headlight then connect power and ground to factory locations -Motors tuck under the front of the car so there is no interference with hood-radiator or AC condenser. No external electronics- uses standard relays. -Absolutely no modification required to the headlight assembly. Only simple hand tools required for installation -included is a special tool to make the installation even easier. -Two bolts for the bracket- the linkage does not need to be taken apart- screws right into OEM clevis. Adjust the linkage and that's all that is required -Works correctly- just like the factory- turn on the headlights- they go up- turn off the headlights- they go down. Not like the other systems out there that works off the parking lights. For the fiberoptic year cars (68-71) my harness will accommodate it. -To service or clean - turn on the headlights- remove the fuse- and the headlights will stay locked in the upright position -In case of an emergency- the cotterless clevis pin can be popped out and the lights can be raised manually. Nothing to unbolt. -Motors - Brackets - wires - harness all made in the USA- and it's all assembled by me in the USA!!! -Others claim to be the easiest to install- this one truly is. Works on ALL years-AC/NonAC/Vintage Air/Big and small blocks - Lightest kit available- again others claim- mine weighs in at 5lbs and 4 oz (including ALL bolts/wiring harness/brackets/motors) -AC Delco motors-Brand new- with a powdercoated gloss black cover -Brackets- 3/16“ thick one piece 5052 Aluminum powdercoated gloss black -Stainless Steel hardware -Billet 6060 Aluminum arms -Bosch Relays and Hella sockets - Delphi Waterproof Fuse Holder -USA made copper wire- "SXL"designed for underhood use to 250ºF -Tubing covered -no split loom -electrical tape or connectors - Shower Valve tool for easy installation - Detailed installation Guide Everything you need is included 2 year warranty Installation Guide Here's a link to the installation guide- copy and paste as ebay won't allow links https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-1ZR16Y4kEZGYoKAQJYr6SVaLJ0PJdeeQ0Z8mOKTYhk/edit?usp=sharing Comments from happy customers- "The kit is awesome!!!" ......................Johnny B. " I don't hate my headlights anymore-thanks Richard!" ........................Robert G. "Works great! Thanks for doing all the design on this! You are a talented guy!!"..........Ken J. "What a fantastic kit, instructions, everything top notch."........................... Jason B. ***********NOW AVAILABLE************ 68-72 Electric Wiper Door Conversion Click here to see the wiper kit ***********COMING SOON************ 69-70 Mercury Cougar Electric Headlight Conversion 67-69 Ford Thunderbird Electric Headlight Conversion ALL new parts- ALL new design- Here's a couple videos of them in operation- The second one- is cool video a fellow Corvetter put together on his build- I'm the "opening" act Corvette C3 headlight Electric Conversion - YouTube Video will open in a new window Using the eBay App? Paste link into a browser window: [isdntekvideo]

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