BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L Upgrade 335i, 335Xi Improved Over The Pure Turbo Stage 2 for Sale

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Bmw N54 Stage 2+ (775RS) Hybrid Turbocharger Set "REVISED"

 (Fully revised as of 7/29/2019) Now utilizing the Garrett Gtx ultra flow 11 blade compressor wheel & further improved thrust assembly. Don't be fooled by others claiming to sale our turbochargers "there not ours" and these will be copied by others as well.
We're pleased to introduce to the Bmw N54 community the newest BMW Hybrid turbocharger set the (775RS). We were the first to design & build these turbos in 2016. These units are built from the ground up utilizing all newly designed castings (No Cores Needed). These turbos were designed to give you all the benefits of a TD04L Turbocharger while maintaining everything you love about the Oem turbochargers. The end result is a set of turbochargers that spool/respond like the Oem turbochargers but don't run out of steam at 5400 rpms like the Oem units. These turbochargers make power from the second you mesh the throttle at any Rpm past 7000 rpms thank to some of these special features Listed Below.


TD04L 9 Blade Ultra Flow Inconel Turbine Wheel (30% More Blade Surface Area Than The 11 & 12 Blade Wheel)

17.5T 11 Blade Ultra Flow Garrett Gtx Billet Compressor Wheel With Extended Tip Technology 

Oem Wastegate Actuators with Updated Thicker Rod, Billet End Link & Upgraded Billet Wastegate Pivot Arm Assembly 

Upgraded Dual Oil Port Thrust Assembly Machined From Copper Bar

Upgraded Thrust Collar & Spacer (14mm vs 10mm)

Component Balanced, Dynamic Balanced Than Vsr Balanced Using a State Of The Art Balancing Machine, Avg 0.5mg Or Less 

Upgraded Staggered Turbine Rings 

Upgraded  2" Compressor Cover Inlets (2" Silicone Inlets Required)

No Cores Needed 

Tune Required!

3 Year Limited Warranty

  Note... We only recommend 40W oils with high Zinc, and Phosphorus content, for high sheer strength. Great Choices or equivalent to / Amsoil Signature Series  / Redline Euro / Redline High Performance  


NOTE... Please allow roughly 10 business days right now before we ship these turbos. 

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