AP Exhaust Hanger - 9 3/4" 360° Universal Open; 50 per package 339861 for Sale

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Price: $240.71


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AP Exhaust Hanger - 9 3/4" 360° Universal Open; 50 per package 339861

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Marketing Description

Additional Contents
Additional Details
CA Propostion 65
California Prop 65 Warning
California Proposition 65
Prop 65 - Short Label
Prop 65 (C, R or CR)
Prop 65 [cntrc]
Prop 65 Warning
Prop 65 Warning Chemical Listing
Prop 65 Warning Label
Prop 65 Yes/No
CARB (California) Compliant
Carb Compliant
Condition Value
Cross Reference
Cross Reference2
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Feature 4
Feature 5
Feature 6
Feature 7
Feature 8
Feature 9
Feature 10
Feature 11
Feature 12
Feature 13
Feature 14
Footnote Code
For Use On
Instructions Included
Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty
Install Time
Installation Time
Note 1
Note 2
Note 3
Notes 1
Notes 2
Notes on Emissions
WARNING CA Proposition 65
Warranty Details
Warranty Registration
Warranty Terms
Restricted States
Restriction 1
Restriction 2
Restriction 3
ITEM SPECIFICS2nd Ring Face Design
2nd Ring Material
2nd Ring Width (in)
2nd Ring Width (mm)
ABS Sensor
ABS Sensor Type
ABS Specification
ABS Type
AC Adapter
Accepts Safety Chain
Actual Color
Actual I.D.
Actual Length (Inch)
Actual Length (MM)
Actual O.D.
Adapter Length
Adapter Size
Add-On Part
Adjustable Damping
Adjustable Height (IN)
Adjustable Panhard Bar Included
Adjustable Panhard Bar Type
Adjustable Roll Center
Adjustable Watts Link Arms
Adjustment Range
Aftermarket Upper Arms Required
Air Box Included
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning Notes
Air Filter Element Color
Air Filter Element Material
Air Filter Element Washable
Air Filter End Cap Color
Air Filter Heat Shield Color
Air Filter Heat Shield Included
Air Filter Heat Shield Material
Air Filter Inside Diameter
Air Filter Large End Diameter
Air Filter Oil Applicator Type
Air Filter Oil Color
Air Filter Oil Included
Air Filter Oil Volume
Air Filter Outlet Length
Air Filter Outlet Shape
Air Filter Outlet Width
Air Filter Outside Diameter
Air Filter Overall Height
Air Filter Overall Length
Air Filter Overall Width
Air Filter Shape
Air Filter Small End Diameter
Air Tube
Air Tube Adaptable
Air Tube Count
Air Tube Gasket Qty
Air Tube Hardware
Air Tube Qty
Alignment Tool Included
Ampere Rating
Ampere Rating (A)
AN Hose Size
AN Hose Size 1
AN Hose Size 2
AN Size
AN Size 1
AN Size 2
AN Size 3
AN Wrench Size
Angled Cut Tip
Anti Lock Brake Sensor Incl
Anti Lock Brake Sensor Included
Apex Width
Aspect Ratio
Assembled Length
Assembled Width
Assembly Method
Associated Comments
ASSY Max OD (Inch)
ASSY Min Close (Inch)
ASSY Min Close LBS
ASSY Min Open (Inch)
ASSY Solid Height (Inch)
ASSY Spring Rate
Attachment Method
Attachment Type
Automatic Transmission - Column
Automatic Transmission - Floor
Automotive Color Finish
Automotive Hardware Material
Automotive Item Grade
Average Base Dimension
Average Height Dimension
Average Top Dimension
Axis 1 Length
Axle Shafts Included
Axle Weight Capacity
Baffle Design
Baffle Material
Baffle O.D.
Ball Diameter (IN)
Ball Diameter (Inch)
Ball Diameter (MM)
Ball Joint Included
Ball Joint Mounting Type
Ball Joint Stud Type
Ball Mount Size
Ball Size (IN)
Band Width
Banjo Bolt Size
Bar Color
Bar Diameter - Inches
Bar Diameter (Inch)
Barb Size
Base Outside Diameter
Base Plate Size
Base to Centerline (Inch)
Base to Centerline (mm)
Batteries Included
Battery Technology
Bearing Cap Axis 1 Diameter
Bearing Cap Axis 2 Diameter
Bearing Cap Type
Bearing Diameter A - Inch
Bearing Diameter A - mm
Bearing Diameter B - Inch
Bearing Diameter B - mm
Bearing Included
Bearing Type A
Bearing Type B
Bed Rail Storage
Bed Tailgate
Bellmouth O.D.
Bellows Included
Bend Angle
Bend Degree
Bend Radius
Bend Type
Bending Radius
Bezel Color
Bezel Style
Billet Reservoir Clamp Included
Black Hydroshield (Optional)
Body 1 Height
Body 1 Length
Body 1 Shape
Body 1 Width
Body 2 Height
Body 2 Length
Body 2 Shape
Body 2 Width
Body Color
Body Design
Body Diameter
Body Diameter (ID)
Body Finish
Body Height
Body Height (IN)
Body Length
Body Length (in)
Body Material
Body O.D.
Body Shape
Body Type
Body Width
Body Width (in)
Bolt Circle
Bolt Circle Diameter
Bolt Circle Diameter [cntrc] in
Bolt Circle Diameter [cntrc] mm
Bolt Circle Diameter Metric
Bolt Clearance
Bolt Diameter
Bolt Hole Center to Center
Bolt Hole Center to Center Width
Bolt Hole Circle
Bolt Hole CTC
Bolt Hole Diameter
Bolt Hole I.D.
Bolt Hole MET
Bolt Hole Quantity
Bolt Hole Size
Bolt Hole Thread Size
Bolt Length
Bolt Overall Length
Bolt Pattern
Bolt Quantity:
Bolt Size
Bolt Thread Size
Bolt to Bolt Length
Bolt to Bolt Length B
Bolt to Bolt Length C
Bolt-on Installation
Bolt-On Yes/No
Bolts Included
Bolts Or Studs Included
Bolts/Studs Included
Boot Angle
Boot Color
Boot Included
Boot Material
Boot Temperature Rating
Boot Type
Bore (Inch)
Bore (MM)
Bore Size (in)
Bore Size (mm)
Brace Color
Brace Finish
Brace Material
Bracket Finish
Bracket Included
Bracket Material
Braid Material
Brake Pilot Diameter
Brake System
Brake Systems Type
Brake Type
Brakes Location
BSP Size
Bumper Included
Bundle Description
Bundle Listing
Bung O.D.
Burst Pressure
Bushing Color
Bushing Included
Bushing Material
Bushings Included
Caliper Configuration
Caliper Finish
Caliper Type
Calipers Included
CAM Code
Cam Lift Exhaust (Inch)
Cam Lift Intake (Inch)
Cam Series
Cam Type
Cap Finish
Cap Outside Diameter
Cargo Management System
Case Diameter
Case Diameter (IN)
Case Exterior Length (in)
Case Included
Case Length
Case Length (IN)
Case Shape
Case Size
Case Thickness
Case Width
Castle Nut Included
Catalyst Type
Catalytic Converter Format
Catalytic Converter Included
Catalytic Converter Location
Catalytic Converter Quantity
Catalytic Converter(s) Included
Catch Can Type
Center Line Radius
Center to Center
Center to Face
Centering Ring Female Diameter
Centering Ring Male Diameter
Chassis Code
Chassis Compatibility
Clamp Color
Clamp Count
Clamp Design
Clamp I.D.
Clamp Material
Clamp Maximum Diameter
Clamp Qty
Clamp Quantity
Clamp Range
Clamp Type
Clamp Width
Clamps Included
Cleaner Application Type
Cleaning Fluid Included
Cleaning Solution Volume
Clutch Disc Quantity
Clutch Usage
CNC Flanges Included
CNC Sensor Adapters Inlcuded
Coated Finish
Coil-Over Springs Included
Collapsed Length (IN)
Collapsed Length (IN) Rounded
Collapsed Length (MM)
Collector Attachment
Collector Bolts Included
Collector Diameter
Collector Gasket Included
Collector Gaskets Included
Collector Height
Collector Included
Collector Length
Collector Size
Collector Style
Collector Tube Size
Color Display
Color/ Finish
Compatible Throttle Controller
Component No.
Component Type
Compressed Bumper Stop
Compressed Length
Compression / Rebound
Compression @ 5"/sec
Compression @0.26m/s
Compression @0.52m/s
Compression Distance
Compression Height (in.)
Compression Height (mm)
Compression Range
Conical Seal I.D.
Connection Type
Connector Finish
Connector Gender
Connector Material
Connector Quantity
Connector Series
Content Capacity
Control Arm Color
Control Arm Construction
Control Arm Finish
Control Arm Material
Control Arm Maximum Length
Control Arm Style
Control Arm Type
Control Arms Included
Converter Quantity
Converter Type
Cooler Capacity
Coped For Tube O.D.
Core Substrate Material
Core Thickness
Core Type
Core Width
Cotter Pin Hole
Counterweight Assist
Coupler Color
Coupler Material
Couplers Included
Cross Section
Crossover Pipe Included
Crossover Pipe Style
Cryo Treating Option
Custom Bundle
Cut Type
Cutting Required
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head Port Shape
Cylinder Quantity
Damper Travel
DC Adapter
Design Feature 1
Design Feature 2
Device Support
Diameter (IN)
Diameter (inch)
Disc Construction
Disc Design
Disc Diameter
Disc Finish
Disc Material
Disc Size
Disc Style
Display Emission Data
Display Type
Dome Volume CC
DOT Approved
Double Sided Use
Dowel Material
Download Capability
Drilling Required
D-Ring Mounts
Drive Design
Drive Type
Driveshaft Safety Loop Finish
Driveshaft Safety Loop Material
Driveshaft Safety Loop Style
Driving Style
Drop (IN)
Drop, Front
Drop, Rear
Dual NPT Size
Dual ORB Size
Dual-Out Diameter
Duration at .006 Lift
Duration at .050 Lift
Dust Boot Included
Dust Shield
Dust Shield Included
Dust Shield Material
Edge Type
EFI Line Size
EGR Fitting Size
Elbow O.D.
Electrode Material
Element Material
Emission Code
Emissions Digital Asset
Emissions Message
Emissions Notes
End 1 Gender
End 1 Thread Diameter
End 1 Thread Direction
End 1 Thread Pitch
End 1 Threads Per Inch
End 1 Type
End 2 Gender
End 2 Thread Diameter
End 2 Thread Direction
End 2 Thread Pitch
End 2 Threads Per Inch
End 2 Type
End Link Bushings Included
End Links Included
End Tank Height
End Type
End Type 1
End Type 2
Engine Family
Engine Limit
Engine Make/Size
Engine Notes
Engine Type
Engine Version
Engineering Name
Estimated Install Time (Hours)
European EC-Type Approved
Exhaust Component Fitment
Exhaust Component Mount Type
Exhaust Duration
Exhaust Inlet Connection Type
Exhaust Lash (Inch)
Exhaust Lash (MM)
Exhaust Lobe Center
Exhaust Outlet Connection Type
Exhaust Pipe Bend Type
Exhaust Pipe Elbow Angle
Exhaust Pipe Material
Exhaust Pipe Max Diameter
Exhaust Pipe Maximum Diameter
Exhaust Pipe Minimum Diameter
Exhaust Pipe Overall Length
Exhaust Pipe Wall Max Gauge
Exhaust Pipe Wall Maximum Gauge
Exhaust Series
Exhaust Strap Length
Exhaust Strap Thickness
Exhaust Strap Width
Exhaust System Connection
Exhaust System Dia
Exhaust Tail Pipe Material
Exhaust Tip Material
Exhaust Tip Shape
Exhaust Tip Style
Exhaust Type
Exhaust Valve Lift
Exit Configuration
Exit Location
Exit Position
Exit Quantity
Exit Style
Exit Type
Extended Bumper Stop
Extended Height
Extended Hydraulic Lockout
Extended Length
Extended Length (IN)
Extended Length (IN) Rounded
Extended Length (MM)
Extension Length (IN)
Exterior Sound Level
Face Angle
Face Color
Factory OEM
Fastener Plating
Fastener(s) Included
Female AN Size
Female Inlet Size
Female NPT Size
Female ORB Size
Female Outlet Size
Female Thread Size
File Fit (Y/N)
Filler Neck Size
Filter Base O.D.
Filter Cap Color
Filter Cap O.D.
Filter Color
Filter Material
Filter Media
Filter O.D.
Filter Oil (Grams)
Filter Style
Finish Type
Fitting Size
Fitting Style
Fitting Type
Flange Angle
Flange Bolt Hole Diameter
Flange Bolt Hole Quantity
Flange Center To Flange Center
Flange Diameter
Flange Finish
Flange Height
Flange I.D.
Flange I.D. Closed
Flange I.D. Open
Flange Inside Diameter
Flange Length
Flange Material
Flange O.D.
Flange OD Max (Inch)
Flange Offiset
Flange Offset
Flange Overall Height
Flange Overall Length
Flange Overall Width
Flange Oversize
Flange Shape
Flange Style
Flange Thickness
Flange Type
Flange Width
Flex Hose Length
Flow Direction
Flow Increase (%)
Flow Rate
Flywheel Bolt Quantity
Flywheel Included
Flywheel Material
Flywheel Type
Folding Style
For Use With Roll Pan
Forced Induction HP@43PSI
Forced Induction HP@60PSI
FOX Adventure Series Shocks
Frame Bushings Greasable
Frame Bushings Included
Frame Type
Free Height - Inches
Free Height - MM
Freeze Frame Displays
Friction Material
Friction Surface Diameter
Front Opening
Front Spring Compressed Length
Front Spring Outside Diameter
Front Spring Relaxed Length
Front Sway Bar Adjustable
Front Sway Bar Diameter (in)
Front Sway Bar Diameter (mm)
Front Sway Bar Type
Fuel Rate
Fuel Type
Full Assembly Width
Full Bed Access
Gap Size
Gas Charged
Gas Charged Shock
Gasket / Seal Material
Gasket I.D.
Gasket Line
Gasket Material
Gasket O.D.
Gasket Or Seal Included
Gasket Thickness
Gasket Type
Gauge Size
Gauge Type
Genuine OEM
Grade Or Class
Grade Type
Greasable or Sealed
Grease Fitting Included
Grease Required
Groove 1 Qty
Groove 1 Width
Groove 2 Qty
Groove 2 Width
Groove 3 Qty
Groove 3 Width
Groove 5 Qty
Groove OD (Inch)
Groove Width (Inch)
Gross Pin Weight
Gross Tongue Weight
Gross Tongue Weight (LB)
Gross Towing Weight
Gross Trailer Weight
Gross Trailer Weight (LB)
Gross Vehicle Weight
Guide OD (Inch)
Hanger Included
Hanger Rod O.D.
Hangers Included
Hard Drive Storage
Hardware Included
Hardware Material
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTS)
Hat Finish
Hat Shape
HD Clamp Size
Head Diameter (Inch)
Head Diameter (MM)
Head End Depth (inches)
Head End Thread (inches)
Head Illustration
Head Style
Head Tool Size
Head Type
Header Construction
Header Fasteners Included
Header Finish
Header Material
Header Port Shape
Header Series
Header Style
Heat Shield Attached
Heat Shield Included
Height (Inch)
Hex Size
High Beam Bulb Size
Hitch Ball Material
Hitch Ball Size
Hitch Ball Size (IN)
Hitch Class
Hitch Compatibility
Hitch Mount Fixed
Hitch Size
Hold Type
Hole 1 I.D.
Hole 2 I.D.
Hole I.D.
Hole Ind
Hole Size
Horse Power Increase
Horsepower Increase (HP)
Hose I.D.
Hose Length
Hose O.D.
Hot and Cold Side Included
Housing Bore Max (Inch)
Housing Bore Max (MM)
Housing Bore Min (Inch)
Housing Bore Min (MM)
Housing Material
HP Gain
Hub Hole Diameter
Hub Pilot Diameter
Hub Style
Hydrophobic Treated
Hydroshield Color
ID (Inch)
ID Max (Inch)
ID Min (Inch)
Idle Quality
Imperial Bolt Size
Included Hardware
Included Parts
Includes Backing Plate
Includes Ball
Includes Ball Mount
Includes Ball Plate
Includes Ball Storage Bag
Includes Bolt
Includes Brackets
Includes Brake Shoes
Includes Bulb
Includes Circuit Probe
Includes Circuit Tester
Includes Clip
Includes Clips
Includes Duct Cover
Includes Dust Cover
Includes Electrical Tape
Includes Fork Terminals
Includes Hardware
Includes Hitch Ball
Includes Hitch Ball Cover
Includes Hitch Pin
Includes Hole Cover
Includes Key Lock
Includes Lift Chain
Includes Mounting Hardware
Includes Nut
Includes Nuts
Includes Pin
Includes Ring Terminals
Includes Screws
Includes Splice Connector
Includes Springs
Includes Sway Control
Includes Sway Control Arm
Includes Ties
Includes Tip
Includes U-Bolts
Includes Washers
Includes Wire Tool
Includes Wiring
Includes Wiring Harness
Indoor Or Outdoor Use
Information Displayed
Inlet - Outlet Configuration
Inlet / Outlet I.D.
Inlet / Outlet Location
Inlet / Outlet Neck Length
Inlet / Outlet O.D.
Inlet 1 Inside Diameter
Inlet 1 Outside Diameter
Inlet 1 Type
Inlet 2 Inside Diameter
Inlet 2 Type
Inlet Configuration
Inlet Connection Type
Inlet Count
Inlet Diameter
Inlet Diameter (in)
Inlet Diameter Designation
Inlet Gasket
Inlet Gasket Qty
Inlet Hardware
Inlet I.D.
Inlet Inside Diameter
Inlet Length - Outlet Length
Inlet Location
Inlet O.D.
Inlet Offset
Inlet Outside Diameter
Inlet Pipe Diameter
Inlet Port Shape
inlet position
Inlet Quantity
Inlet Size
Inlet Slipover I.D.
Inlet Type
Inlet Type A
Inlet Type B
Inlet/Outlet Diameter
Inner Diameter (Inch)
Inner Diameter Bushing 1 (Inch)
Inner Mount Pilot [cntrc] mm
Input Shaft Diameter
Input Spline Quantity
Insert Apex Width (IN)
Inside Diameter
Inside Diameter (IN)
Inside Diameter (Inch)
Inside Length (Inch)
Installation Hardware Included
Installation Height - Inches
Installation Position
Installation Type
Installed Height
Intake Color
Intake Duration
Intake Lash (Inch)
Intake Lash (MM)
Intake Lobe Center
Intake Pipe Color
Intake Pipe Inlet Length
Intake Pipe Inlet Shape
Intake Pipe Inlet Width
Intake Pipe Material
Intake Pipe Outlet Length
Intake Pipe Outlet Shape
Intake Pipe Outlet Width
Intake Pipe Ports
Intake Valve Lift
Intercooler Height
Intercooler Width
Interface Cable Included
Interior Sound Level
Internal Construction
Internal Design
Internet Product Code (IPC)
Inverted Flare
Is Crosstube visible
IS Free Height (Inch)
IS Max OD (Inch)
IS Min Close (Inch)
IS Min Close LBS
IS Min ID (Inch)
IS Min Open (Inch)
IS Min Open LBS
IS Solid Height (Inch)
IS Spring Rate
IS Wire Diameter (Inch)
Item Condition
NEWItem Description
Item Diameter
Item Grade
Item has MSDS (SDS)?
Item Height
1.000Item Length
1.000Item Qty Size UOM
Item Quantity Size
Item type
Item Warranty
Item Weight
1.0000Item Width
1.000Items Included
Jacket Size
Jam Nut Included
J-Flex Control Arm Service Pack
J-Link Control Arm Service Pack
Joint Style
Keeper Angle
Key Feature
Key Lockable
Kit Contents
Kit For Header Number
Kit or Single Pair
Kit or Single Part
Kit Parts Included
K-Member Finish
K-Member Material
Known Filter Fitment
Language Options
Large End Inside Diameter
Large Tube Size
Latch Type
Lead Length
Leaf Spring Width (in)
Leg Length
Leg Length 1
Leg Length 2
Leg Length 3
Leg Length From Tangent
Leg Length From Tangent 1
Leg Length From Tangent 2
Leg Lengths
Leg/Straight Length
Length (in.)
Length (Inch)
Length (inches)
Length (mm)
Length A - Inch
Length A - mm
Length Axis 1
Length Axis 2
Length B - Inch
Length B - mm
Length Bushing 1 (Inch)
Length Center to Center (Inch)
Length Flange Max (Inch)
Length Flange Min (Inch)
Length Max (Inch)
Length Measurement A
Length Measurement B
Length Min (Inch)
Length Stud Center to End
Lens Color
Life Cycle Status Code
Life Cycle Status Description
Lift Capacity (LB)
Lift Height
Light Fitment
Light Type
Lighting Color
Lighting Technology
Lighting Type
Listing Note
Listing Sells
Lobe C/L
Lobe Separation
Lock Position
Lock Ring
Lock Type
Logo Design
Logo Type
Low Beam Bulb Size
Low Profile
Lower Control Arms Included
Lower Diameter (Inch)
Lower ID (Inch)
Lower Mount Type
Lower Mounting Code
Lower Mounting Description
Lower Mounting Type
Lower Trailing Arms Included
Lube Fitting Location
LUBE_Container Type
LUBE_Oil Weight
Lug Holes Quantity
Lug Holes Size
Machine Washable
Main Piping Diameter
Male AN Size
Male AN Size 1
Male AN Size 2
Male NPT Size
Male ORB Thread Size
Male Thread Size
Manual Transmission - Column
Manual Transmission - Floor
Marine Approved
Mass Air Flow Sensor Included
Matching Ferrule Size
Matching Hose I.D.
Matching Tube Size
["N", "A"]Material 2
Material Abbrev.
Material Code
Material Gauge
Material Thickness
Material Type
Max Airflow Dual
Max Airflow Single
Max I.D.
Max Lift
Max Temperature Rating
Max Tire Size
Maximum Adjusted Length
Maximum Bend Radius
Maximum Engine Size
Maximum Lift
Maximum Operating Pressure
Maximum Outside Diameter
Maximum Tube O.D.
Maximum Voltage
Maxiumum Operating Pressure
Media Height
Media Type
Merchandising Name
Merge O.D.
Meta Keywords
Metric Bolt Size
Metric Size
Minimum Adjusted Length
Minimum Bend Radius
Minimum Clearance
Minimum Lift
Minimum Thickness
Minimum Tube O.D.
Mobile Description
Modified Item
Motor Mount Attachment Style
Motor Mount Style
Motor Mounts Included
Mount Hole Diameter
Mount Hole Quantity
Mount Type
Mounting Bracket Included
Mounting Hardware Included
Mounting Hole Diameter
Mounting Hole Qty [cntrc]
Mounting Hole Quantity
Mounting Location
Mounting Orientation
Mounting Position
Mounting Style
Mounting Thread Pitch [cntrc] mm
Mounting Type
Mouting Thread Size [cntrc] mm
MSDS Required Flag
Muffler Application
Muffler Body Diameter
Muffler Body Finish
Muffler Body Height
Muffler Body Height (in)
Muffler Body Length
Muffler Body Length (in)
Muffler Body Material
Muffler Body O.D.
Muffler Body Shape
Muffler body size
Muffler Body Width
Muffler Body Width (in)
Muffler Color
Muffler Color / Finish
Muffler Configuration
Muffler Count
Muffler Finish
Muffler Flanged Inlet
Muffler Flanged Outlet
Muffler In. Dia. Designation
Muffler Inlet
Muffler Inlet Connection Type
Muffler Inlet Count
Muffler Inlet Diameter
Muffler Inlet Diameter (in)
Muffler Inlet Diameter 1 (in)
Muffler Inlet Diameter 2 (in)
Muffler Inlet Location
Muffler Inlet Type
Muffler Let Size
Muffler Material
Muffler O.D.
Muffler Out. Dia. Designation
Muffler Outlet
Muffler Outlet Connection Type
Muffler Outlet Diameter
Muffler Outlet Diameter (in)
Muffler Outlet Location
Muffler Outlet Quantity
Muffler Outlet Size
Muffler Outlet Type
Muffler Overall Length
Muffler Overall Length (in)
Muffler Part Number
Muffler Quantity
Muffler Reversible
Muffler Series
Muffler Shape
Muffler Structure
Muffler Type
Muffler Type Included
Muffler Yes/No
Naturally Aspirated HP@43PSI
Naturally Aspirated HP@60PSI
Neck Flange
Nominal Oval Size
Nominal Pipe Size
Nominal Thickness
Nominal Tube Size
Non-Domestic Product
NON-OBDII Vehicle Type
NPT Fitting Quantity
NPT Fitting Size
NPT Port Size
NPT Size
NPT Thread Size
Number Mounting Holes
Number Of Cones
Number Of Cups
Number of Items
Number of Lugs
Number of Pieces
Number of Pods
Number of ribs
Number of Splines
Nut Type
Nylon Tie Included
O.E. Replacement
O2 Provision
O2 Sensor Ports
O2 Sensors
O2 Sensors Included
OD (Inch)
OD Max (Inch)
OD Min (Inch)
OE Number
OE Series
OE Spec or Performance/Custom
OE/OEM Part Number
OEM Number
Off Road Use Only
Off-Set [cntrc] in
Off-Set [cntrc] mm
Offset Distance
Oil Clearance Max (Inch)
Oil Clearance Min (Inch)
Oil Filter Compatibility
Oil Included
Oil Ring Design
Oil Ring Tension
Oil Ring Width (in)
Oil Ring Width (mm)
Operating Pressure
Operation Type
Optional Heavy Load Springs
Optional Reservoir Clamp
ORB Size
ORB Size 1
ORB Size 2
Original Equipment Replacement
O-Ring to O-Ring
OS Free Height (Inch)
OS Max OD (Inch)
OS Min Close (Inch)
OS Min Close LBS
OS Min ID (Inch)
OS Min Open (Inch)
OS Min Open LBS
OS Solid Height (Inch)
OS Spring Rate
OS Wire Diameter (Inch)
Outer Diameter (Inch)
Outer Diameter Bushing 1 (Inch)
Outer Housing Diameter
Outer Tie Rod Thread
Outlet 1 Inside Diameter
Outlet 1 Outside Diameter
Outlet 1 Type
Outlet 2 Inside Diameter
Outlet 2 Outside Diameter
Outlet 2 Type
Outlet Configuration
Outlet Connection Type
Outlet Count
Outlet Diameter
Outlet Diameter (in)
Outlet Diameter 1
Outlet Diameter Designation
Outlet Gasket
Outlet Gasket Qty
Outlet Hardware
Outlet I.D.
Outlet Inner Diameter
Outlet Inside Diameter
Outlet Location
Outlet O.D.
Outlet Offset
Outlet Outer Diameter
Outlet Outside Diameter
Outlet Port Shape
outlet position
Outlet Quantity
Outlet Size
Outlet Size(s)
Outlet Style
Outlet Type
Outlet Type A
Outlet Type B
Outside Diameter
Outside Diameter (in)
Outside Diameter (Inch)
Outside Diameter (MM)
Oval Size
Oval Tip Dimension
Overall Diameter
Overall Filter Height
Overall Height
Overall Length
Overall Length (in)
Overall Length (Inch)
Overall Length (mm)
Overall Length Max (Inch)
Overall Length Max (MM)
Overall Length Min (Inch)
Overall Length Min (MM)
Overall Port Width
Overall Size
Overall Width
Oversize (in)
Oversize ID Inch
Oversize ID MM
Oversize Inch
Oversize MM
Oxygen Sensor Bung Included
Oxygen Sensor Location
Oxygen Sensor Port
Package Content
Package Contents
Package include:
Package Included
Package Included2
Package Material
Package Quantity
Package Type
Pad Inner Thickness
Pad Inner Width
Pad Material
Pad Outer Thickness
Pad Outer Width
Panel Filter Length
Panel Filter Width
Panhard Bar Included
Part Design or Feature or Use
Part Fitment Requirement
Part Length (Inch)
Part Length (MM)
Part Material
Parts Pack
Parts Pack(s)
Patented Air Fusion Incorporated
Peak Increase in Arc Duration
Peak Increase in Current
Peak Increase in Dwell
Peak Increase in Energy
Peak Increase in Voltage
Per Car Quantity
Performance Part
Pilot Bushing Included
Pilot Bushing Material
Pin Diameter (Inch)
Pin Diameter (mm)
Pin Offset (Inch)
Pin Offset (MM)
Pin Size (IN)
Pin Type
Pin Weight Gram
Pinion Spline Count
Pipe Diameter
Pipe Diameter (IN)
Pipe Diameter UOM
Pipe Finish
Pipe Inlet Diameter
Pipe Material
Pipe Outlet Diameter
Pipe Size
Pipe Size Max Compatibility
Pipe Size Maximum Compatibility
Pipe Size Min Compatibility
Pipe Size Minimum Compatibility
Pipe Wall Thickness
Piston Material
Piston Type
PITCH (Inch)
Pivot Type
Placement on Vehicle
Plate Finish
Plate Material
Pleat Count
Pleat Height
Plug Style
Plug Type
Plug-In Type
Pointer Color
Port 1 Length
Port 1 Length (in)
Port 1 Width
Port Height
Port I.D.
Port I.D. Large
Port I.D. Small
Port Shape
Port Size
Port Style
Port Width
Position Name
Position of vechicle
Position of Vehicle
Position On Vehicle
Power Brakes
Power Range
Power Source
Power Steering
Power Steering Notes
PreFilter Material
Pressure Plate Style
Primary Pipe OD
Primary Resistance
Primary Tube Diameter
Primary Tube Diameter (in)
Primary Tube Gauge
Product Description
Product Details
Product Features
Product Grade
Product Group
Product Info
Product Length
Product Line
Product Name
Product SubType
Product Type
Product Weight (lbs.)
Product Width
Progressive Rate Spring
Progressive Rate Spring, Front
Progressive Rate Spring, Rear
Projected Tip
Pushrod Diameter (Inch)
Quantity Needed
Quantity of Bushings
Quantity of Splines
Quantity Per Application
Race Only
Rack End Thread
Rack End Type (Male / Female)
Radial Wall Thickness - Top (in)
Rail Kit Compatibility
Rail Type
Rails To Install
Rear Shocks/Struts Included
Rear Spring Compressed Length
Rear Spring Outside Diameter
Rear Spring Relaxed Length
Rear Sway Bar Adjustable
Rear Sway Bar Diameter (in)
Rear Sway Bar Diameter (mm)
Rear Sway Bar Type
Rebound @ 5"/sec
Rebound @0.26m/s
Rebound @0.52m/s
Receiver Mount Size
Receiver Size
Receiver Size (IN)
Recommended Hedman Hedders
Recommended Use
Red Hydroshield (Optional)
Reducer Outlet Diameter
Reducer Outlet Size
Reducers Included
Remanufactured Part
Replacement Filter Part Number
Replacement Filter PN (Dry)
Replacement Filter PN (Oiled)
Replacement Gasket
Replacement Head Flange Gasket
Replacement Y-Pipe Gasket
Requires Adapter Harness
Reserve Tube Diameter
Reset Type
Resonator Body Length (in)
Resonator Color / Finish
Resonator Height
Resonator Housing Material
Resonator Inlet Connection Type
Resonator Inlet Diameter (in)
Resonator Overall Length
Resonator Shape
Resonator Width
Retaining Rings
Retracted Height
Reverse Function
Rim Brand
Ring Gear Tooth Quantity
Ring Set Groove Widths (in)
Ring Set Groove Widths (mm)
Ring Type
Rise (IN)
Rocker End Height (inches)
Rocker End Thread (inches)
Rocker End Thread Length (inch
Rod Ends Included
Rod O.D.
Rod Thread
Rod Type (Male / Female)
Rotor Construction
Rotor Design
Rotor Diameter
Rotor Finish
Rotor Height
Rotor Material
Rotor Style
Rotors Included
Round Size
Saddle Gauge
Saddle Hole Type
Screen Size
Seal Diameter (Inch)
Seal OD (Inch)
Seat ID (Inch)
Seat OD (Inch)
Seat Type
Secondary Pipe OD
Secondary Resistance
Sensor Type
Service Pack
Set Description
Set Type
Shaft Diameter (in)
Shaft End 1
Shaft End 2
Shank Diameter (IN)
Shank Drop
Shank Length
Shank Length (IN)
Shank Rise
Shank Type
Shell Diameter Height
Shell Diameter Width
Shell Length
Shell Material
Shell Shape
Shims Option
Shirt Color
Shirt Neckline Style
Shirt Pocket
Shirt Size
Shirt Style
Shock Absorber System
Shock Absorber Type
Side Rails
Single NPT Size
Single or Dual
Single ORB Size
Single-In Diameter
Sits on Truck Rails
Size (IN)
Sleeve Length
Sleeve Type
Slipover I.D.
Small End Inside Diameter
Small Tube Size
Smart Technology Compatible
Socket Drive
Software Included
Sold As
Sound Level
Sound level (1-5 scale)
Special Engine Notes
Special Fitment Info
Specification Image Reference
Spigot Length
Spline Quantity
Spool Length
Spring Color
Spring Configuration
Spring Finish
Spring Length
Spring Option
Spring Position
Spring Rate
Spring Rate - lbs per inch
Spring Rate, Front (lbs/in)
Spring Rate, Rear (lbs/in)
Spring Seat Included
Spring Seat to Gauge Dia.
Spring Type
Standard Shaft Max (Inch)
Standard Shaft Max (MM)
Standard Shaft Min (Inch)
Standard Shaft Min (MM)
Standard Size
Static Burst Pressure Rating
Steering Rack Included
Steering Rack Style
Steering Type
Stem Diameter (Inch)
Stem Diameter (MM)
Stem Type
Stepped Design
Stepped Pipe Diameter
Straight Length - Front
Straight Length - Rear
Stroke Length
Stud Center to End (in)
Stud Length Center to Center
Stud Thread
Stud/Insert on Filter Top
Substrate Material
Suggested Product
Suggested Starting Length
Suitable for
Superseded Part Number
Supplier Company Name
Surface Finish
Suspension Grade Type
Suspension Jacking Rail Color
Suspension Jacking Rail Material
Suspension Location
Suspension Package Finish
Sway Bar Diameter (in)
Sway Bar Diameter (mm)
Sway Bar Finish
Sway Bar Material
Sway Direction
System Pipe Diameter
System Style
System Type
Tail Pipe Diameter
Tail Pipe Material
Tail Pipe Quantity
Tail Pipe Tapered Outlet
Terminal Connection
Test Weight
Thickness (in)
Thickness (Inch)
Third Member Included
Thread Diameter
Thread Diameter (In)
Thread Pitch
Thread size
Thread Size End 1
Thread Size End 2
Throwout Bearing Included
Throwout Bearing Style
Tie Rod End Type
Tip / Outlet Finish
Tip Cut
Tip Description
Tip Diameter
Tip Diameter (IN)
Tip Edge
Tip Edge Style
Tip Edge Type
Tip Finish
Tip Inlet Diameter
Tip Installation Type
Tip Length
Tip Length (IN)
Tip Length (Inch)
Tip Logo
Tip Material
Tip Number
Tip O.D.
Tip Outer Diameter
Tip Outlet Diameter
Tip Outlet Quantity
Tip Outlet Size
Tip Quantity
Tip Shape.
Tip Size
Tip Size UOM
Tip Style
Tip Type
Tip Wall
Tip Wall Type
Tip Width
Tire Brand
Tire Construction
Tire Height
Tire Plies
Tire Rating
Tire Tread Depth
Tire Wheel Diameter
Tire Widths (F/R)
TIRE_Aspect Ratio
TIRE_ATV Compatible
TIRE_Compatible Tire Width
TIRE_Load Capacity (lbs)
TIRE_Load Index
TIRE_Load Range
TIRE_Load Rating
TIRE_Max PSI (lb)
TIRE_Mounted Diameter (in.)
TIRE_Mounted Width of Tire (in.)
TIRE_Ply Rating
TIRE_Rim Color
TIRE_Rim Diameter (in.)
TIRE_Rim Included
TIRE_Rim Material
TIRE_Rim Width (in.)
TIRE_Section Width
TIRE_Speed Index
TIRE_Speed Rating
TIRE_Tire Designation
TIRE_Tire Diameter
TIRE_Tire Manufacturer Part Numb
TIRE_Tire Ply
TIRE_Tire Size
TIRE_Tire Type
TIRE_Tire Width
TIRE_Tire/Tube Size
TIRE_Tread Depth (in.)
TIRE_Tread Type
TIREA_Cable Type
TIREA_Chain Length
TIREA_Injury Size
TIREA_Kit Includes
TIREA_OBD Interface
TIREA_Patch Size
TIREA_Range (psi)
TIREA_TPMS Compliant
TIREA_Valve Angle (Degree)
TIREA_Valve Height (in.)
TIREA_Valve Hole Size
TIREA_Valve Length (in.)
TIREA_Valve Material
TIREA_Valve Stem
TIREA_Weight Application Type
TIREA_Weight Coating
TIREA_Weight Color
TIREA_Weight Material
TIREA_Weight Pack Qty
TIREA_Weight Series
TIREA_Weight Size
TIREA_Weight Wheel Type
Toe Rod Finish
Toe Rod Material
Tongue Carrying Capacity
Tongue Weight
Top Material
Top Outside Diameter
Top Ring Face Design
Top Ring Material
Top Ring Width (in)
Top Ring Width (mm)
Top Style
Torque Capacity
Torque Capacity (ft/lbs.)
Torque Capacity Over OE
Torque Increase (FTLB)
Total Part VIO
Tow Capacity
Towing Capacity
TQ Gain
Trailing Arm Hardware Included
Trans Model
Transition Outlet O.D.
Transmission Compatibility
Transmission Mount Included
Transmission Notes
Transmission Type
Travel Length
Truck Freight Indicator
Tube Design
Tube Diameter
Tube Direction
Tube Gauge
Tube Length
Tube Material
Tube Material Thickness
Tube O.D.
Tube Recess Depth
Tube Recess I.D.
Tube Size
Tube Style
Tube Thickness
Tubing Color
Tubing Diameter
Tubing Finish
Tubing Material
Tuning Tube Diameter
Turns Ratio
Twist Lock Base
Type of Finish
U-joint Identification
Undersize Inch
Undersize MM
Universal Fitment
Universal Or Specific Fit
Upper Control Arms Included
Upper ID (Inch)
Upper Mount Type
Upper Mounting Code
Upper Mounting Description
Upper Mounting Type
Upper Trailing Arms Included
Use With
Used For
Vacuum Nipple
Vacuum Tubing Included
Valve Included
Valve Stem Diameter (Inch)
Valving Identifier
Vehicle End or Trailer End
Vehicle Placement
Vehicle Position
Vehicle Profile
Vehicle Segment
Vehicle Specific Listings
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Use
Vent Hole
Vertical Height Adjustment
Vintage Car Part
VStem Diameter (Inch)
Wall Thickness
Wall Thickness (Inch)
Wall Thickness Max (Inch)
Wall thickness Max (MM)
Wall Type
Washers Included
Water Pump
Watts Linkage Finish
Watts Linkage Material
Weight Capacity
Weight Carrying Capacity
Weight Carrying Capacity (LB)
Weight Savings (LB)
Weight W Pin Gram
Weight w/o Pin Gram
Weld Bung O.D.
Weld Spigot Material
Welded Brackets
Welded Tip
Welding Required
Wheel Drive
Wheel Pilot Diameter
Wheel Size
Wheel Stud Included On Unit
Wheel Stud Quantity
Wheel Stud Size
Wheel Studs
Wheel Studs Included
Width (in.)
Width (Inch)
Winch Y/N
Wire Diameter
Wire Length
Wire Quantity
Wire Series
Wire Temperature Rating
Wiring Harness Length
With 12 Volt Outlet
with A.I.R. System
With Adjustable Foot Pad
With Alarm
With Bolts
With Circuit Protection
With Drum
With Dust Cover
with EGR
With Lock
With Mounting Hardware
With Offset
With Shelf Tags
With Signage
With Wiring Harness
Works w/Toolbox
Wrangler JL & Gladiator JT
Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT
Wrench Size
Y-Pipe Included
Vehicle Fitment Summary

To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, enter your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, Trim and Engine in the Compatibility Table. Also review the notes section in the Compatibility Chart for additional specifications about this part.

Compatible Model
Compatible Models
Compatible Years
Fit 1
Fitment 1
Fitment 2
Fitment 3
Fitment 4
Fitment Footnotes
Fitment Note
Fitment Notes
Fitment Type
Most Popular Make / Model
Most Popular Year
Interchange Part Number
Interchange Part Number1
Min Year Covered
Max Year Covered
Years 2
Years Extended
Years Of Model
Other Part Number
Vehicle Fitment
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