AMC SC/360 Hornet Ram Air scoop D/L X Sportabout Gremlin Concord AMX for Sale

Price: $199

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Brand new, ready to mount with braces built in it. Only 784 1971 American Motors SC/360 Hornets built, and less than 1/2 of them had a Ram Air Scoop. This unpunched scoop can be used on a variety of AMC Hornets & Gremlins, & some have used them on Concord too. Originals made by airplane developer Rockwell. Bolt on for 70-73 Gremlin, 70-72 Hornet including SST, D/L, Sportabout, X Series. Again, can be used on other AMC models. Fiberglass. Shipping in USA UPS Ground, to Canada, Australia and other places round world USPS "Priority Mail' see calculator for prices.

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