93-02 Firebird Trans Am Headlight Motor Repair Kit Brass Gear with Instructions for Sale

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This kit includes a hard copy of the instructions for all 1993-2002 Pontiac Firebird models.
This kit repairs one(1) headlight motor left or right side. If you need to repair both sides then please select a quantity of two (2) items.This listing contains the parts needed to do a heavy duty upgrade of the gear assembly in your C5 Corvette, Firebird, or Saturn headlight motor. If your headlight motor continues to run with a grinding noise after the headlight has opened or closed then this kit is what you need.
This kit includes a new high quality CNC machinedbrass gear that will fortify the main weakness in these headlight motors. This is hands down the best brass gear on the market for this application. This gear is a definite upgrade versus the OEM nylon plastic gear and the ultra cheap plastic aftermarket gears which I have given up on due to failure issues.
***UPDATE: I have replaced the two part urethane adhesive with the same adhesive that I use when rebuilding these motors for my customers. This adhesive is a easy to apply no mess solution with no messy mixing then rush to apply with a bulky Popsiclestick like other kits sold here on . When done correctly this solution is stronger than any urethane or epoxy that others are selling and really does not even need the T-brace for support but I am still including it with the kit for peace of mind and extra insurance for my customers. I will include detailed instructions on thegluingprocedure with every kit.
Also included is a new rubber bumperand a T-shaped brace with a bushing. This brace and bushing will do two things. It applies a slight pressure against the side cover but most importantly it adds a new bearing surface to support the drive-shaft. This will remove all pressure that the shaft would normally put on the glued on side cover and transfer it to the new brace and bushing thus eliminating the possibility of glue joint failure. Once installed this repair should last the life of the car.

As a bonus I will also include a package (1/4 oz) of the same high quality OEM grease that I use when rebuilding headlight motors for my customers. This is the correct grease for this application and is the same grease that was originally used when your headlight motor was manufactured. This grease has a high film strength so it stays put and won't run or melt with a effective operating temperature from -20 degrees to +600 degrees. Other sellers do not include OEM grease. WARNING! Beware other sellers passing off bearing grease as "GM Approved" for this application. Any grease that will flow or break down over time is wrong for this application and will eventually coat your brushes causing failure! Trust me I have seen this first hand.

If you would prefer a lighter gear that is closer to the weight of the original then I would suggest that you visit my store and consider my hard anodized aluminum gear kits as they are just as durable and strong as the brass but they are a little better price and are about half the weight. For international buyer I strongly suggest the aluminum gears as the difference in weight is often a substantial savings with shipping cost.

If this kit does not solve your problem you can contact me through messaging or at 574-596-6638 and I will be happy to apply the cost of this kit towards my rebuild service. No other seller on can do that for you!!

Most headlight motors fail because of the cheap nylon gears that GM put in these motors.Fits:1993-2002 Pontiac Firebird & Trans Am (all models)
Ships same day if ordered weekdays before 12 pm eastern time.
If you are looking for someone to do a full rebuild on your headlight motors and actuators then please see my other listings.
Thanks for looking!

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