84-87 Regal Grand National O.E. Style Excellent Quality FRONT Bumper Filler SET for Sale

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O.E. Style 84-87 Regal Front Bumper Fillers

Replaces GM part # 12336191 LH &

12336190 RH for the Fronts

Towards the end of GM's production run on Buick bumper fillers, the prices were absolutely insane. $850 plus for a pair of rear fillers, $350 plus for the front pair. We started getting these re-manufactured & understand the chemicals used to make these went thru the roof as well.

Some of the differences between our units and the other types:

1. We had new molds built off the last production runs of the original units. However, we made sure that the chemical make up was better than GM's originals. You will not see the pock marks in the fillers & they are ready to scuff, adhesion promote and shoot . Since the material is a TPO compound you will want to use an adhesion promoter to be done by a qualified body shop. They look & feel just like the original GM units, just a better chemical composition.

2. We used the same size steel behind the fillers. Instead of being bare they are Black EDP Coated to resist corrosion.

** We have test fitted these to original units & installed on a car to ensure proper fit and finish.

Comparing these to a 6,000 mile Turbo T to 190K mile original paint GN's for fitment. Even with the cracked fillers we could see the outline where they were still bolted to the body.

3. I

ncludes the plastic push on retainers for each front filler to befastenedat the header panel by the grille opening.

4. So what exactly are you getting and why would I not just buy ABS or Fiberglass fillers?
  • What you are getting is the same shape & close to original chemical make up of original GM fillers.
  • Unlike the aftermarket units your tail lights / headlight bezels will slide all the way up against the body like the factory did.
  • The amount of time and money needed to finish is greatly reduced.
  • Do not get me wrong, we sold a lot of ABS and fiberglass fillers over the years, ALOT!!! In most instances like on a race car with a fiberglass bumper, you will not want the factory style. The factory units will need the support behind the face bar.
  • The amount of prep in the factory style is nothing compared to aftermarket fiberglass and ABS units. The others will require sanding to fill the pot marks, re-drilling holes if provided, cutting excess flashing off and some body lines may have to be sanded for a sharper quality look. The fitment is hit or miss. We sold many aftermarket fillers, however we returned many for having a defective and improper fit.
  • You need to realize the amount you will be paying your body man to get the proper look when using the fiberglass and ABS types. Most body men which have used aftermarket fillers will have 6-8 hours in labor to make them look correct. You have to factor in what your shop charges to get the proper look.
  • Using a low dollar figure, say $50.00 hr.@ 6 hours you will be charged $300 at a minimum to correct most fiberglass & some ABS plastic fillers. When all is said and done, you still have a set of aftermarket fillers that are not original looking. When restoring one of these to a factory look, this may take away from the final value. By the time you take the labor in consideration and the price of the other types of fillers, you will find our product to be less costly and keeps the customer happywhetherit's a personal purchase for you or for a body shop business!
  • We do suggest all painting & prep adhesion work to be done by a professional body shop.
  • We will not warranty paint adhesion problems if not done by a professional.

    1 Complete Front Set:

    Driver's Side & Passenger Side


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      • 1984 - 1987 Buick: Regal - ALL 2 Door Models

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