78-88 El Camino Malibu Caballero NEW UPGRADED Door Seals for Sale

Price: $64.99

78-88 El Camino Grand National Cutlass Regal Caballero Malibu Caballero Upgraded Door Seals This is a set of NEW left and right door (Driver and Passenger) rubbers to fit any 2 door g-body vehicles, including, El Camino, Malibu, and GMC Caballero. Stop the wind noise and leaks - purchase this seal kit today! These two seals go around the bottom of each door.Eliminate weather penetration and prevent rust, as well as significantly reduce drafts and road noise with these weatherstrip kits. Kit components are made of premium commercial-grade rubber and other materials--and are UV and ozone-resistant. These replacements are comparable to the OE factory parts and are easy to install.NEW FEATURE: These door seals have washers around the holes where they attach to the car to help reinforce the seal so that they are less likely to tear. Washers are located at each arrow in the second picture.

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