4x Wheel Center Caps Hub Caps For BMW, Self-Powered Flashing LED Light DIA 68 mm for Sale

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Fitment Info: The wheel center cap is not a standard parts. It depends on what kind of wheels were selected on your car. You have to physically measure the diameter of your old caps then select the correct size from our list.
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Product Features:

Fancy Looking! Light up your wheels!

  • Make your car be a lightning on the dark road.
  • Science style blue light for high-tech fans.
  • 7-colorful light is another choice for life lovers!

High-tech Design! Self-powered! Batteryless! Wireless!

  • The hub cap generates electric power when car is driving.
  • The built-in light will be turned on when car drives faster than 15 mph.
  • The center logo keeps horizontal when car drives no faster than 120 mph.
  • No battery, no power wire, none Solar energy. Driving, flashing! Any time, any weather condition!

Structure Diagram

The hub cap generates electric power like a generator does. The permanent magnet rotates with wheel when the car is driving, while the coil stays still. The power will be strong enough to turn on the light when car runs faster than 15 mph.

Waterproof, Dustproof

All the elements are completely sealed in the base. Which can make sure the flashing system works in any weather condition for long life.

Installation Instruction

Use a flat screw driver to remove the old hub cap.

Clean the hub hole. Make sure the new hub cap has proper size.

Use whole palm to gently press the the hub caps into the hole, till hear the click sound.

Rotate the center logo to test if the light can be turned on.

Installation Tips

Some of vehicles may have a hub bearing cap which makes the wheel center hole too shallow to fit our new wheel center cap. In this case you may have to remove the hub bearing cap.Or you may go ahead check your car physically before placing order.

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