4pc Aluminum Hubcentric Rings | 57.1mm Car Hub to 73.1mm Wheel | for Audi VW BMW for Sale

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What are Hub Centric Rings?
(Also called hubrings, hubcentric rings, centering rings)
This device is installed between the vehicle's hub and the wheel center bore. The hubring fills in the gap between the hub lip and the centerbore of the wheel. This is assuming that your wheel's centerbore is not already centered around the hub.

Why do I need it?
You may experience steering wheel vibrations if your wheel's centerbore does not perfectly center on your vehicle's hub. Hubrings eliminate those vibrations by properly centering the wheel onto your vehicle's hub.

How can I confirm fitment?
- Hubrings have 2 measurements, typically in millimeters (mm).
- The SMALLER of the 2 measurements is the INNER DIAMETER. In the case of this item, it is 57.1mm. This should match your vehicle's hub bore.
- The LARGER of the 2 measurements is the OUTER DIAMETER. In the case of this item, it is 73.1mm. This should match your wheel's centerbore.

Compatibility Information:
These hubrings are compatible with Audi, VW, Volkswagen, and older BMW vehicles with a 57.1mm Hub. Your Wheel Bore must be 73.1mm. Message us with year/make/model if you have any fitment questions.

Important Fitment Notes - Required Buyers Check These Before Purchasing
- Buyers must ensure their Vehicle's Hub is 57.1mm.
- Buyers must ensure their Wheel's Centerbore is 73.1mm.
- If you are not unsure about fitment or the measurements, please do not guess. Send us a message and we are happy to help.

Installation Advisory
Be sure to clean your hub prior to installation. Because of the tight tolerances of the hubrings (to ensure tight fit), a dirty hub could cause the ring to not fit. Powered by Frooition

For Vehicles with 57.1mm Hub
Wheels with 73.1mm Bore

  • StanceMagic Hub Centric Rings made of CNC Machined billet aluminum. These hubrings will reduce or eliminate vibrations caused by a gap between your aftermarket wheel's centerbore and your wheel hub. Having a gap will prevent your wheel from centering properly during installation, leading to vibrations.

  • HUB RING INNER DIAMETER: 57.1mm (Your vehicle's hub lip diameter needs be this size)

  • HUB RING OUTER DIAMETER: 73.1mm (Your wheel's center bore needs to be this size)

  • Compatible with Audi 2011-2018 A1, 1998-2019 A3, 1996-2009 A4, 1995-2010 A6, 1997-2002 A8, 1981-1987 Coupe, 2018-2019 Q2, 2013-2019 Q3, 2008-2019 R8, 2017-2019 RS3, 2005-2008 RS4, 2007-2010 RS6, 2013-2019 S3, 1997-2008 S4, 1995-2011 S6, 2007-2010 S8, 1999-2018 TT, 1990-1994 V8 Quattro. Compatible with Volkswagen 2017-2020 Arteon, 2005-2010 Bora, 2014-2019 Caddy, 1990-1995 Corrado, 2007-2016 EOS, 1985-2019 Golf, 1980-2019 Jetta, 1990-2020 Passat, 1978-1989 Scirocco, 2009-2019 Tiguan.

  • Compatible with BMW 4-Lug Only 1984-1994 318i, 1982-1994 320i, 1987-1992 325i, 1988-1991 325iX. Compatible with Chrysler 1995-2000 Cirrus, 1995-2006 Sebring 2.4T Convertible Only, 1987-1997 Beretta, 2005-2010 Cobalt 2.2 4-Lug Only, 1987-1996 Corsica, 1982-1990 Celebrity. Compatible with Dodge 1984-2000 Caravan 2.4i and 3.0i Only, 1995-2005 Neon, 1983-1987 Charger. Compatible with Pontiac 1984-1988 Fiero, 2007-2010 G5, 1985-1998 Grand Am, 1982-1994 Sunbird, 1995-2005 Sunfire.

Quantity 4 pieces Inner Diameter
(Vehicle Hub Size) 57.1mm Outer Diameter
(Wheel Bore Size) 73.1mm Material Aluminum Color Silver FITMENT INFORMATION

Compatible with vehicles with a 57.1mm hub that needs to center a wheel with 73.1mm centerbore.

Please see 's Vehicle Compatibility Table for a list of applicable vehicles

  • Important Notes
  • Important Notes
  • Legal Disclaimer
  • Important Notes If you are not sure the hub size of your vehicle, please send us an message and we will be glad to help
    Please Verify the measurement of your VEHICLE BORE AND WHEEL before purchasing
    's Parts Compatibility Chart above should only be used as a guideline.
  • Legal Information
  • Legal Information NOTE: This is an aftermarket/replacement component. The vehicle makes and models used in this listing are registered trademarks of their respective owners, and are used in this listing only to identify the vehicles to which this part fits. More Items!View more great items4pc Aluminum Hub Centric Rings | 60.1mm Car to 66.1mm Wheel | for Toyota Lexus$8.894pc Aluminum Hubrings | 72.6 OD - 64.1 ID | 72.56mm Wheel Bore - 64.1mm Car Hub$9.884pc Aluminum Hubrings | 54.1mm Car Hub to 67.1mm Wheel Bore | ID 54.1 | OD 67.1$8.894pc Aluminum Hubrings | 72.6 OD - 65.1 ID | 72.56mm Wheel Bore - 65mm Car Hub$9.16 Powered by Frooition Frooition | No-js Template | design, store design, shop design, template design, listing design (ver:froo_no_js) This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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