2020 A90 Toyota Supra MKV GR Catless Downpipe 4.5'' by SupraStore.com for Sale

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Our GR Supra ProSeries downpipe is installed on our shop car, so we know the performance and quality of the build (all pictures on the car are from our shop A90 Supra). It's proven to support well over 600HP+ and the fitment is outstanding. The GR Supra with the inline 6 cylinder engine responds very well to a downpipe upgrade. Our stainless steel downpipe includes O2 sensor fittings and is a direct replacement for the factory unit.

Our Pro Series down pipe utilizes a 4.5" diameter upper v-band section, tapering down to a 3" section where it unites with the factory exhaust. A flex section allows for standard movement and vibration to be absorbed. Installation is straight forward for the DIY or can be done by any exhaust shop in an hour.This is a No Cat design and is strictly for off-road and/or racing use only.
Turbo spool up is decreased, power gains are 25-30+ whp and there is a robust sound increase.Excellent first upgrade for the new 2020 GR A90 MKV Supra. When you purchase from SupraStore, you're supporting a business that owns and drives Supra's, including the new GR Launch Edition we have in our shop, which makes 600hp on the factory turbo and this exact downpipe. Why can we sell for less? Simple, we build more and are more than happy with the profit margin, which is a winner for everyone.
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