2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro 8" Headlight Overlays Jason Brozak 2.0 Snake eyes for Sale

Price: $28

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Don't be fooled by the Copycats we are the original.

There are people on trying to sale eyes like TopFlights and they state that there covers are 100% street legal to drive with at night. Well guess what? That is a lie. If you drive at night with anything over your headlights that are not approved by DOT it is 100% illegal so don't be fooled buy this false advertising. You can not drive at night with these on your car. Thanks, TopFlightLabs
For a set of two. Printed on Avery Translucent Vinyl 8" decal Will ship out next day 1st class US mail. For Headlights you will want to get Headlight covers and add the decal to them so that you may take them off and on without the police giving you a hard time lol.

Please Add what color you want to your PayPal Comments.If you don't contact me within 24 hours of your order you will be sent a RED set...

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