2009 GM Pontiac G8 GXP Black Billet Catch Can Direct Bolt on Kit for Sale

Price: $129.99

2007 2008 2009 GM PONTIAC G8 GXP BILLET OIL CATCH CAN SEPARATOR (All UPR Catch Cans include Nickel Fitting for FREE !) Part Number: 5032-08-GXP-1 MFG Retail: $ 169.99 Item Finish: Show Quality Black Finish Fits Models: GM Pontiac G8 GXP 6.2L Fits Years: 2007 2008 2009 Items Included: * Our Billet Catch Can inventory is always stocked and ready to ship * Billet catch can (black)Allen wrenchAngle bracket (black)3/8 inch Nickel fittings3/8 inch Goodyear HP HoseUPR Patented Diffuser Upgrade ( That's a $40 upgrade for FREE ) What is the problem with your PCV system ? The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is used to recycle the gases that leak or “blow-by” the your engines piston rings and create a positive pressure in the crankcase. By venting these gases along with oil mist/vapor from the crankcase and route it back into the intake manifold so it can be burned off. This is a poor fix from automobile manufacturers, because over time the excess oil vapor collects along the inside of the intake tract and forms a “sludge”. This leads to a variety of issues including carbon build up, retarded timing, detonation, power loss and even engine failure. UPR s fix for the PCV system used on many engines for reducing toxic gases from being released into the atmosphere and eliminating positive crankcase pressure / Blow-By. What does a UPR Catch Can do ? UPR s Billet Catch Can / oil-air separator will condense and collect the oil vapor before it has any chance to reach the intake tract. As the gas and oil vapor enters UPR s can they pass through a Chambered filtering system that cools the oil vapor and gives it something to adhere to. Then the oil forms into droplets and collect in the bottom of the UPR Catch Can so that they can later be drained. This is where the additional Chambered filtering system comes into play allowing only the clean air to pass through so it can eliminate unwanted blow by. All engines have blow by otherwise there would be no need for a PCV system on your engine. PCV = Positive Crankcase Valve, which eliminates Positive Crankcase Pressure. UPR s Catch Can has become one of the most widely used and recommended cures for just about every application. The engine size and horsepower level is not relevant to the performance of the UPR Catch Can. UPR s Catch Can has become a cornerstone by improving the Performance and Economy on any vehicle you install it on.

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