20" Black Wheels Fits Mercedes C280 C300 E350 CL600 CL55 CL65 S500 S550 S55 Rims for Sale

Price: $849.0

Untitled Document Please note this listing is for all 4 wheels in 20x9. Some vehicle listed here may have factory staggered wheels fitment. For non stagger setup, this will allow tire rotation. Please ask all questions before proceeding in purchase. WHEELS SPECIFICATION Brand: Kudo Wheels Model: Warrior Size: Front 20x9 Offset: Front +32mm Bolt Pattern: 5x112 Finished: Black / Polished Face Center Bore: 66.6mm Material: Alloy Weight: 30.25 Lbs Quantity: 4 Wheels ACCESSORIES Lug Nuts/Valve Stems Kit is $35 per set Lug Bolts/Valve Stems Kit is $45 per set Hub Centric Rings is $15 per set PAYMENT We gladly accept Paypal, and all kinds of credit card. All payment must be received within 7 days after the listing end. California buyers will be charge sales tax. SHIPPING POLICY We only ship to Paypal confirmed address if paid by Paypal. We do not ship to APO and PO box address. FREE SHIPPING for USA lower 48 states, (Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico is not included) Local pickup is not available. TERMS AND RETURN POLICY Items are eligible for refund within 30 days of receiving it Items must be in original packing, perfect unused condition and have not been mounted in order for you to receive a full refund We will not be held responsible for any improper fitment. Buyer is to perform a test fit upon receiving wheels before tires are mounted. We can not accept return or exchange once wheels have been mounted with tires. DISCLAIMER This wheel is not affiliated with Audi AG Corporation, BMW Bavarian Motor Works, Porsche AG, Tata Motor Company, Daimler AG, Mercedes Benz or Volkswagen Group in any way or form. The terms "Audi", "RS4, RS6, RS8, A4, A6, A8, S6, S8, V8 ...", "BMW", "Land Rover", "Range Rover", "Porsche", "Mercedes Benz", "Volkswagen", as well as cited automobile models are used for fitment and descriptive purposes only. Evolution Effects Corp states that our use of the Audi AG Corporation, BMW Bavarian Motor Work's, Tata Motor Company's, Daimler AG and Volkswagen Group trademarked terms in our product descriptions constitute fair use and nominative use and is in no way to offer confusion that Evolution Effects products and Audi AG Corporation, BMW Bavarian Motor Work's, Tata Motor Company's, Daimler AG and Volkswagen Group products are related or their companies. All Trademarks Mentioned Herein Belong To Their Respective Owners. FITMENT The fitment guide is not 100% accurate!!! Buyer is responsible to verify the correct lug patterns and offset for their vehicle before buying!!! Please note, most aftermarket wheels will require tuner lugs/bolts and hub ring for installation. Some vehicle may require the use of a spacer to clear the caliper. Buyer is to perform a test fit upon receiving wheels before tires are mounted. Returning the item will cost you money and time, so please confirmed fitment with us before buying!!!! Staggered Fitment Only AudiA3 2.0 Tdi2010-2013 AudiA3 2.0T2006-2013 AudiA3 3.2 Quattro2006-2009 AudiA3 E-Tron2016 AudiA3 E-Tron2017-2018 AudiA3 Quattro2015-2019 AudiA42014-2016 AudiA42017-2019 AudiA4 1.8T1997-2001 AudiA4 1.8T2002-2008 AudiA4 2.0T2005-2008 AudiA4 2.0T2009-2011 AudiA4 2.0T2012 AudiA4 2.0T2013 AudiA4 2.81996-2001 AudiA4 3.02002-2008 AudiA4 3.22005-2008 AudiA4 3.22009 AudiA4 Allroad2017-2019 AudiA4 Quattro2017-2019 AudiA52010-2017 AudiA5 3.22008-2010 AudiA5 Quattro Premium2018 AudiA5 Quattro Premium2019 AudiA5 Quattro Premium Plus2018-2019 AudiA5 Quattro Prestige2018-2019 AudiA5 Sportback Premium2018-2019 AudiA5 Sportback Premium Plus2018-2019 AudiA5 Sportback Prestige2018-2019 AudiA61995-1999 AudiA62012-2014 AudiA62015-2018 AudiA6 2.7T2000-2004 AudiA6 2.82000-2001 AudiA6 3.02002-2004 AudiA6 3.02009-2011 AudiA6 3.22005-2011 AudiA6 4.22000-2004 AudiA6 4.22005-2011 AudiA6 Premium2019 AudiA6 Premium Plus2019 AudiA6 Prestige2019 AudiA72014-2018 AudiA7 3.02012-2013 AudiA7 Premium2019 AudiA7 Premium Plus2019 AudiA7 Prestige2019 AudiA81997-2003 AudiA82011-2015 AudiA8 4.22005 AudiA8 4.22006 AudiA8 4.22007-2010 AudiA8 L2016-2018 AudiA8 L2011-2015 AudiA8 W122011-2013 AudiA8 W122005-2009 AudiAllroad2013-2016 AudiQ32015-2018 AudiQ5 2.02011-2017 AudiQ5 3.02013-2015 AudiQ5 3.02016-2017 AudiQ5 3.22009-2010 AudiQ5 3.22011-2012 AudiQ5 Hybrid2013 AudiQ5 Hybrid2014-2016 AudiQ5 Premium2018-2019 AudiQ5 Premium Plus2018 AudiQ5 Premium Plus2019 AudiQ5 Prestige2018 AudiQ5 Prestige2019 AudiQ7 Premium2017 AudiQ7 Premium 2.02018-2019 AudiQ7 Premium 3.02018 AudiQ7 Premium 3.02019 AudiQ7 Premium Plus2017 AudiQ7 Premium Plus 2.02018-2019 AudiQ7 Premium Plus 3.02018 AudiQ7 Premium Plus 3.02019 AudiQ7 Prestige2017-2018 AudiQ7 Prestige2019 AudiRs32018-2019 AudiRs42007-2009 AudiRs52013-2015 AudiRs52019 AudiRs72014-2018 AudiS32015-2019 AudiS42000-2003 AudiS42004-2009 AudiS42010-2016 AudiS42018-2019 AudiS52008-2012 AudiS52013-2017 AudiS5 Black Optic Package2019 AudiS5 Premium2019 AudiS5 Premium Plus2018-2019 AudiS5 Prestige2018-2019 AudiS5 Sportback Black Optic Package2019 AudiS5 Sportback Premium2019 AudiS5 Sportback Premium Plus2018-2019 AudiS5 Sportback Prestige2018-2019 AudiS62007-2011 AudiS62013-2018 AudiS72013-2015 AudiS72016 AudiS72017-2018 AudiS82013-2016 AudiS8 5.22007-2008 AudiS8 Plus2017-2018 AudiSq52014-2017 AudiSq5 Premium Plus2018 AudiSq5 Prestige2018 AudiTt2010-2015 AudiTt 2.0T2008-2009 AudiTt 3.22008-2009 AudiTt Quattro2016-2019 AudiTt Rs2012-2013 AudiTt Rs2018-2019 AudiTt S2009-2010 AudiTt S2011-2015 AudiTt S2016-2019 Bmw5 Series 5302017-2019 Bmw5 Series 530 Xdrive2017-2019 Bmw5 Series 530E2017-2019 Bmw5 Series 530E Xdrive2017-2019 Bmw5 Series 5402017-2019 Bmw5 Series 540 Xdrive2017-2019 Bmw5 Series 540D Xdrive2018 Bmw7 Series 7402016-2019 Bmw7 Series 740 Xdrive2017-2019 Bmw7 Series 740E Xdrive2017 Bmw7 Series 740E Xdrive2018-2019 Bmw7 Series 7502016-2018 Bmw7 Series 7502019 Bmw7 Series 750 Xdrive2016-2018 Bmw7 Series 750 Xdrive2019 BmwM760 Xdrive2017-2019 BmwM850 Xdrive2019 BmwX1 Sdrive 28I2017-2019 BmwX1 Xdrive 28I2016-2019 BmwX2 Sdrive 28I2018-2019 BmwX2 Xdrive 28I2018-2019 BmwX3 M40I2018-2019 BmwX3 Sdrive 30I2019 BmwX3 Xdrive 30I2018-2019 BmwX4 M40I2019 BmwX4 Xdrive 30I2019 BmwX5 Xdrive 40I2019 BmwX5 Xdrive 50I2019 BmwX7 Xdrive 40I2019 BmwX7 Xdrive 50I2019 ChryslerCrossfire2004-2008 InfinitiQx302017-2018 InfinitiQx30 Essential2019 InfinitiQx30 Essential Awd2019 InfinitiQx30 Luxe2019 InfinitiQx30 Luxe Awd2019 InfinitiQx30 Luxury2017-2018 InfinitiQx30 Luxury Awd2017-2018 InfinitiQx30 Premium2017-2018 InfinitiQx30 Premium Awd2017-2018 InfinitiQx30 Pure2019 InfinitiQx30 Sport2017-2018 InfinitiQx30 Sport2019 MercedesA Class Sedan 2202019 MercedesC Class C230 C280 C3501994-2007 MercedesC Class C2502015 MercedesC Class C250 -C3002012-2014 MercedesC Class C300 -C3502008-2011 MercedesC Class C3502012-2014 MercedesC Class C3502015 MercedesC Class C350E2016-2018 MercedesC Class C4002015 MercedesC Class Capriolet C3002017-2019 MercedesC Class Coupe C3002017-2019 MercedesC Class Sedan C3002015-2019 MercedesC43 Amg2017-2019 MercedesC450 Amg2016 MercedesC450 Amg Sport2016 MercedesC55 Amg2005-2006 MercedesC63 Amg2008-2014 MercedesC63 Amg Cabriolet2018-2019 MercedesC63 Amg Coupe2015 MercedesC63 Amg Coupe2018-2019 MercedesC63 Amg Edition 5072015 MercedesC63 Amg S Cabriolet2018-2019 MercedesC63 Amg S Coupe2018-2019 MercedesC63 Amg S Sedan2015 MercedesC63 Amg S Sedan2016-2019 MercedesC63 Amg Sedan2015 MercedesC63 Amg Sedan2016-2019 MercedesCl Class Cl500 -Cl6001997-2006 MercedesCl Class Cl5502007-2008 MercedesCl Class Cl5502009 MercedesCl Class Cl5502010-2014 MercedesCl Class Cl6002007-2009 MercedesCl Class Cl6002010 MercedesCl Class Cl6002011-2014 MercedesCl55 Cl65 Amg2001-2006 MercedesCl63 Amg2008-2014 MercedesCl63 Amg2013-2016 MercedesCl65 Amg2008-2014 MercedesCla 2502014-2019 MercedesCla45 Amg2014-2019 MercedesClk Class Clk320 -Clk350 -Clk430 -Clk5001998-2006 MercedesClk Class Clk350-Clk5502007-2009 MercedesClk55 Amg2004-2006 MercedesClk63 Amg2007-2009 MercedesCls Class Cls4002015-2017 MercedesCls Class Cls4502019 MercedesCls Class Cls5502007-2010 MercedesCls5002006 MercedesCls53 Amg2019 MercedesCls55 Amg2006 MercedesCls5502011-2018 MercedesCls63 Amg2007-2010 MercedesCls63 Amg2011-2018 MercedesE Class 4Matic Sedan E5502010-2014 MercedesE Class Cabriolet E4002015-2017 MercedesE Class Cabriolet E4502019 MercedesE Class Coupe E3502010-2014 MercedesE Class Coupe E4002015-2017 MercedesE Class Coupe E4502019 MercedesE Class Coupe E5502010-2017 MercedesE Class E230 -E320 -E5001996-2001 MercedesE Class E230 -E320 -E5002002-2006 MercedesE Class E250 Sedan2014-2016 MercedesE Class E320 E350 E5502007-2009 MercedesE Class E350 Cabriolet 2010-2014 MercedesE Class E350 Sedan2010-2013 MercedesE Class E400 Hybrid2013-2015 MercedesE Class E400 Sedan2018 MercedesE Class E550 Cabriolet 2010-2017 MercedesE Class E550 Sedan2010-2011 MercedesE Class Sedan E3002017-2019 MercedesE Class Sedan E3502014-2016 MercedesE Class Sedan E4002015-2016 MercedesE Class Sedan E4502019 MercedesE Class Wagon E3502011-2016 MercedesE Class Wagon E4502019 MercedesE55 Amg2004-2006 MercedesE63 Amg2007-2009 MercedesE63 Amg2012-2016 MercedesE63 Amg2010 MercedesE63 Amg2011 MercedesE63 Amg S2014-2016 MercedesGL Class Gl3202007-2008 MercedesGL Class Gl3202009 MercedesGL Class Gl3502010-2012 MercedesGL Class Gl3502013-2016 MercedesGL Class Gl4502007-2008 MercedesGL Class Gl4502009 MercedesGL Class Gl4502010-2012 MercedesGL Class Gl4502013-2016 MercedesGL Class Gl5502008-2012 MercedesGL Class Gl5502013-2016 MercedesGla 2502015-2019 MercedesGla45 Amg2015-2019 MercedesGlc Class Glc3002016-2019 MercedesGle Class Gle300D2016 MercedesGle Class Gle3502016-2018 MercedesGle Class Gle4002016 MercedesGle Class Gle4002019 MercedesGle43 Amg2017-2019 MercedesGlk Class Glk2502013-2015 MercedesGlk Class Glk3502010-2015 MercedesMetris2016-2019 MercedesMl Class Ml2502015 MercedesMl Class Ml3202007-2009 MercedesMl Class Ml3502006-2007 MercedesMl Class Ml3502008-2009 MercedesMl Class Ml3502010-2011 MercedesMl Class Ml3502012-2015 MercedesMl Class Ml350 Bluetec2010-2011 MercedesMl Class Ml350 Ml5001998-2005 MercedesMl Class Ml4002015 MercedesMl Class Ml5002006-2007 MercedesMl Class Ml5502008-2011 MercedesMl Class Ml5502013-2014 MercedesMl450 Hybrid2010-2011 MercedesMl63 Amg2007-2008 MercedesMl63 Amg2009-2011 MercedesMl63 Amg2013-2015 MercedesR Class R3202007 MercedesR Class R3202008-2009 MercedesR Class R3502006-2007 MercedesR Class R3502008 MercedesR Class R3502009-2010 MercedesR Class R3502011-2012 MercedesR Class R350 Bluetec2010-2011 MercedesR Class R350 Bluetec2012 MercedesR Class R5002006-2007 MercedesR63 Amg2007 MercedesS Class S3502012-2013 MercedesS Class S350 -S430 -S500 -S6001992-2006 MercedesS Class S400 Hybrid2010-2013 MercedesS Class S450 Sedan2018-2019 MercedesS Class S5502007-2010 MercedesS Class S5502011-2013 MercedesS Class S5502014-2017 MercedesS Class S560 Cabriolet2019 MercedesS Class S560 Coupe2019 MercedesS Class S560 Sedan2018-2019 MercedesS Class S6002007-2010 MercedesS Class S6002011-2012 MercedesS Class S6002013 MercedesS Class S6002015-2017 MercedesS55 S65 Amg2001-2006 MercedesS63 Amg2014-2019 MercedesS63 S65 Amg2007-2013 MercedesS65 Amg2015-2019 MercedesSl Class Sl4002015-2016 MercedesSl Class Sl4502017-2019 MercedesSl Class Sl5502013-2016 MercedesSl Class Sl5502017-2019 MercedesSl63 Amg2009-2012 MercedesSl63 Amg2013-2019 MercedesSl65 Amg2009-2011 MercedesSl65 Amg2013-2019 MercedesSlc3002017-2019 MercedesSlc43 Amg2017-2019 MiniClubman2016-2019 MiniClubman All 42016-2019 MiniClubman John Cooper Works All42017-2019 MiniClubman S2016-2019 MiniClubman S All 42017-2019 MiniCooper Convertible2016-2019 MiniCooper Convertible John Cooper Works2017-2019 MiniCooper Hardtop2014-2015 MiniCooper Hardtop2016-2019 MiniCooper Hardtop John Cooper Works2016-2019 MiniCooper S Convertible2016-2019 MiniCooper S Hardtop2014-2019 MiniCountryman2017-2019 MiniCountryman All 42017-2019 MiniCountryman John Cooper Works All 42017-2019 MiniCountryman S2017-2018 MiniCountryman S2019 MiniCountryman S All 42017-2018 MiniCountryman S All 42019 MiniCountryman S E All 42019 VolkswagenAtlas Launch2018 VolkswagenAtlas S2018-2019 VolkswagenAtlas Se2018-2019 VolkswagenAtlas Sel2018-2019 VolkswagenAtlas Sel Premium2018 VolkswagenAtlas Sel Premium2019 VolkswagenAtlas Sel R-Line2019 VolkswagenBeetle2012-2015 VolkswagenBeetle Classic2015 VolkswagenBeetle Coast2018 VolkswagenBeetle Dune2016-2018 VolkswagenBeetle Final Edition Se2019 VolkswagenBeetle Final Edition Sel2019 VolkswagenBeetle Gsr2014 VolkswagenBeetle Pinkbeetle2017 VolkswagenBeetle Pinkbeetle Convertable2017 VolkswagenBeetle Premium2015 VolkswagenBeetle R-Line2014-2016 VolkswagenBeetle S2016-2017 VolkswagenBeetle S2018 VolkswagenBeetle S2019 VolkswagenBeetle Se2016-2017 VolkswagenBeetle Se2018-2019 VolkswagenBeetle Sel2016-2017 VolkswagenBeetle Tdi2013-2016 VolkswagenBeetle Turbo2012-2013 VolkswagenCc Executive2014-2015 VolkswagenCc Lux2009-2010 VolkswagenCc Lux2011-2013 VolkswagenCc R-Line2011-2017 VolkswagenCc Sport2009-2013 VolkswagenCc Sport2014 VolkswagenCc Sport2015 VolkswagenCc Sport2016-2017 VolkswagenCc Trend2015-2016 VolkswagenCc Vr62009-2011 VolkswagenEos 2.0T2007 VolkswagenEos 3.2L2007 VolkswagenEos Executive2012-2015 VolkswagenEos Final Edition2015 VolkswagenEos Komfort2008-2010 VolkswagenEos Komfort2011 VolkswagenEos Komfort2012-2015 VolkswagenEos Komfort2016 VolkswagenEos Lux2008-2009 VolkswagenEos Lux2010-2011 VolkswagenEos Lux2012 VolkswagenEos Lux2013 VolkswagenEos Sport2013-2014 VolkswagenEos Turbo2008 VolkswagenEos Vr62008 VolkswagenGolf 2 Door Base2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf 2.52010 VolkswagenGolf 2.52011 VolkswagenGolf 2.52012-2014 VolkswagenGolf Alltrack S2017-2019 VolkswagenGolf Alltrack Se2017-2019 VolkswagenGolf Alltrack Sel2017-2019 VolkswagenGolf E-Golf Se2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf E-Golf Sel Premium2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Gti Autobahn2015-2019 VolkswagenGolf Gti Rabit Edition2019 VolkswagenGolf Gti S2015-2019 VolkswagenGolf Gti Se2015-2019 VolkswagenGolf Gti Sport2017 VolkswagenGolf Launch Edition2015 VolkswagenGolf R2012-2013 VolkswagenGolf R2015-2019 VolkswagenGolf S2015-2018 VolkswagenGolf Se2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Se2018 VolkswagenGolf Sel2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen S2015-2019 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen S 4Motion2018-2019 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen Se2015-2017 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen Se2018 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen Se2019 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen Sel2015-2017 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen Sel2018 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen Tdi S2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen Tdi Se2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Sportwagen Tdi Sel2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Tdi2010 VolkswagenGolf Tdi2011-2014 VolkswagenGolf Tdi S2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Tdi Se2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Tdi Sel2015-2016 VolkswagenGolf Wolfsburg2017 VolkswagenGti2006-2009 VolkswagenGti2011-2014 VolkswagenGti 2.0T2010 VolkswagenGti R322008 VolkswagenJetta2006-2007 VolkswagenJetta2008-2010 VolkswagenJetta 5Th Generation 5X1122005 VolkswagenJetta Gli2012-2014 VolkswagenJetta Gli2017-2018 VolkswagenJetta Gli Se2015-2016 VolkswagenJetta Gli Sel2015-2016 VolkswagenJetta Hybrid2013-2015 VolkswagenJetta Hybrid Se2013-2015 VolkswagenJetta Hybrid Sel2013-2015 VolkswagenJetta Hybrid Sel Premium2013-2016 VolkswagenJetta R-Line2019 VolkswagenJetta S2011-2013 VolkswagenJetta S2014-2016 VolkswagenJetta S2017-2018 VolkswagenJetta S2019 VolkswagenJetta Se2011 VolkswagenJetta Se2012-2014 VolkswagenJetta Se2015 VolkswagenJetta Se2016-2018 VolkswagenJetta Se2019 VolkswagenJetta Se Sport2018 VolkswagenJetta Sedan Tdi2011-2012 VolkswagenJetta Sel2011-2018 VolkswagenJetta Sel2019 VolkswagenJetta Sel Premium2019 VolkswagenJetta Sport2015-2016 VolkswagenJetta Sportwagon S2011-2014 VolkswagenJetta Sportwagon Se2011-2014 VolkswagenJetta Sportwagon Tdi2011-2014 VolkswagenJetta Tdi S2015 VolkswagenJetta Tdi Se2015 VolkswagenJetta Tdi Sedan2013-2014 VolkswagenJetta Tdi 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VolkswagenTiguan S 4Motion2011-2017 VolkswagenTiguan S 4Motion2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Se2009-2011 VolkswagenTiguan Se2012-2013 VolkswagenTiguan Se2014-2016 VolkswagenTiguan Se2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Se 4Motion2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sel2009-2011 VolkswagenTiguan Sel2012-2013 VolkswagenTiguan Sel2014-2016 VolkswagenTiguan Sel2017 VolkswagenTiguan Sel2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sel 4Motion2014-2016 VolkswagenTiguan Sel 4Motion2017 VolkswagenTiguan Sel 4Motion2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sel Premium2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sel Premium 4Motion2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sel Premium R-Line2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sel Premium R-Line 4Motion2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sel R-Line2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sel R-Line 4Motion2018-2019 VolkswagenTiguan Sport2017 VolkswagenTiguan Sport 4Motion2017 VolkswagenTiguan Wolfsburg2017 VolkswagenTiguan Wolfsburg 4Motion2017

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