1966 Ford Thunderbird Stock Dual Exhaust System W/ Resonators Eliminated for Sale

Price: $450.00

Complete stock, pre-bent single exhaust system for a 1966 Ford Thunderbird.Made out of aluminized steel, this system is made to factory specs and has a 2 inch H pipe. The intermediate pipes are also 2 inch in diameter and the resonators are eliminated on this system. The 2 inch tail pipes connect to a factory correct set of 6 inch round mufflers with welded spouts.

Unlike many sellers, our systems ship within days.Our systems are meticulously made with great care and precision to ensure accurate fitment. We truly believe that our systems are the most accurate on the market and that is why our offerings are so limited. We offer a generic, aftermarket hardware kit which includes all the clamps, hangers, and gaskets needed for installation for an additional $48. If interested, please message us.

Please ensure you have a factory correct engine and factory correct manifolds or this system will not fit correctly.

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